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Cable Fault Locator with Time Domain (Intelligent Bridge)

Product Description


GAOTek Cable Fault Locator with Time Domain has a reflectometer to locate faults in metallic cables and Intelligent bridge for tesing the broken line

Key Features

  • Large color LCD Display (480 x 280 dot); humanized operation interface; six function keys and simple operation.
  • Both pulse reflection testing (TDR) and intelligent bridge testing (Bridge) can test broken lines, crossing lines, poor insulation and other types of faults.
  • Manual testing function is preserved.
  • Full English Menu is easy to master and use.
  • With mega meter and ohmmeter, it enables to test insulation resistance and loop resistance.
  • With USB Port, it is easy to upload testing data to U-disk and you can analyze the data on computer.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery, intelligent charging without duty.
  • Small dimension, light weight and portable design.

Technical Specifications

Max range 4.97 miles(8 km)
Testing Accuracy 1m
Dead Zone 0 m
Pulse width 40ns-10μs with automatic adjustment
Weight 2.20lbs.(1Kg)
Dimension 8.66X6.29X3.54 in(220×160×90mm)
Continued operating time 8 hours
The max length of testing cable 9999m
Testing accuracy ±1%×cable length


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