Capacitance Meter with SCPI Programming Language




Key Features

Technical Specifications

Parameters C-D, C-ESR,C-EPR,R-Q
Accuracy 0.05%
Frequency 50Hz~100kHz(10 points)
Display Range  D: 0.00001 – 99999 Δ%: -99999% – 99999%WC: 0.0001pF – 99999μF ESR,EPR: 0.0001Ω – 99.999MΩ
Source Resistance 30Ω 50Ω 100Ω
Range Automatic and manual, 9 ranges
Signal Level 0.1V rms, 0.3V rms, 1V rms
Speed 25 t/s, 10 t/s, 2 t/s
Equivalent Circuit In series and parallel
Result Display %, ESR, EPR or sorting resultsDABS, D3 parameters are displayed together in 5 dgt: show,
Adjustment Open-circuit point or sweep frequency zero reset; short-circuit point or sweep frequency zero reset
Comparator 20 groups record, 5-bin sorting (9-bin sorting is available), beep
Impact Protection 1000V/10μF, 600V/80μF, 400V/150μF capacitance under electricity impact protection
Interface RS-232C (SCPI programmable language) Handler
Voltage: 198V AC – 240V AC Frequency: 50Hz Power: Max 15VA
10.39in x 4.21in x 13.78in

(264mm (Width)x107mm (Height)x350mm (Depth)

8.82lbs  (4kg)

ATL501: Test cable ATL607: Test Fixture ATL600: Short-circuit device ATL801-232 communication cable
VFD four-color high definition color screen; keypad lock & data hold function


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