Centrifuge with High Speed Rotation (Less Noise)



Key Features

  • The CK -6 is available with some different rotor configurations.
  • The strip tube model holds two 8×0.2ml PCR strip tubes or 16 individual 0.2ml tubes.
  • The standard model accommodates 6×1.5/2.0ml tubes directly and smaller tubes with adapters.
  • Both 0.5ml and 0.2ml adapters are supplied with the standard unit. Operation of the centrifuge begins when the lid is closed.
  • The rotor is quickly accelerated to 6000/7200rpm. Upon opening the lid, the rotor comes to a stop.

Technical Specifications

Relative centrifugal force 4.41lbs (2000g)
Sample capacity 6×1.5ml/2.0ml Rotor, 2×8×0.2ml Rotor, Slide Rotor
6×0.5ml Adapter and 6×0.2ml Adapter
Speed of rotation 6000rpm
Maximum noise <50db
Dimensions(L×W×H) 7.44in x 6.34in x 4.80in



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