Chemical Oxygen Demand Meter with Wide Measurement Range




GAOTek Chemical Oxygen Demand Meter offers Wide measurement rang , microcomputer controlled calculations and high reliability.

Key Features

  • Saving reagent
  • Operation of time-saving, digesting 15 minute
  • No calibration reagents, without the need for calibration curves.
  • Simple operation, automatic titration.
  • No affect of color and grain samples.
  • Wide measurement range(if over the range, dilution metering
  • Microcomputer control and calculation, high reliability and intuitive end,large-screen LCD display directly COD value and the signal-time .
  • Power-off protection, case of power outages may retain five blank and five samples of COD values

Technical Specifications

 Temperature  41 to 104f (5—40℃)
 Relative humidity: ≤80%
 Power supply 220V±10%,50Hz
Weight 8.81lbs (4Kg)
dimension 13.38*10.62*3.93in (340mm×270mm×100mm)
Accuracy error≦5%
Measuring range 0~1000mg/L



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