Coating Thickness Gauge for Metal Surface (Data Storage)



Key Features

  • Measures paint on ANY METAL including steel, aluminum, brass, etc. Automatically recognizes the material and takes a measurement.
  • Automatic ON/OFF switching.
  • Factory calibrated and ready for use. Measures precisely right out of the box.
  • ZERO set feature for non-standard surfaces.
  • RESET to factory settings feature when no zero reference is available.
  • Strong, wear resistant probe.
  • Large 2 Line High Contrast Flip LCD Display for viewing in any position.
  • Stores last 10 readings in a Memory (Measure now, compare all the results later).
  • Durable quality construction.
  • Fast and accurate measurements.
  • Simple operation: No user calibration required.
  • Mils/Microns selectable. Displays readings in Metric (μm) or Imperial units (mil).
  • Pocket-sized for comfortable one hand operation.
  • Supplied with a set of plastic test shims

Technical Specifications

Measurement Range 0~49 mils/0~1250μm
Accuracy ± (0.3 mils+3%); 2μm +3%)
Resolution:  0.1mils,0.1μm
Dimension 4.69in x 2.05in x 1.10in


Weight: 0.09lbs  (40g)


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