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Coating Thickness Gauge (Magnetic Induction, Eddy Current)




GAO Tek Coating Thickness Gauge operates on principle of magnetic induction and Eddy current and supports unique temperature compensation algorithm.

Key Features

  • Fission (instrument connect with sensor by a lead) Dual (F-type N-type in one instrument)
  • Unique temperature compensation algorithm
  • Identification the probe automatically
  • Support the thermal printer, output the report immediately

Technical Specifications

Probe model F N
Working principle Magnetic induction Eddy current
Measuring range 0~1250μm 0~1250μmAmong them:Chromium plating on copper(0~40μm)
Lower limit of resolution 0.1μm(0~100μm), 1μm(>100μm)
Measurement error ±(3%H+1)μm (H is the measuring range),see the probe parameter table
Indication error One point calibration(μm) ±(3%H+1) ±(3%H+1.5)
Two point calibration(µm) ±[(1~3)%H+1] ±[(1~3)%H+1.5]
Test conditions The minimum radius of curvature(mm) Convex 1.5 Convex 3
The minimum area diameter(mm) Φ7 Φ5
Critical thickness of substrate(mm) 0.5 0.3
Working Voltage 3*1.5V
Overall Dimension 7.7 x 3.22 x 1.18 in ( 198×82×30 mm)
Machine weight 0.70 lbs(320g)
Standard configuration machine, printer, probe(F or N), Matrix (iron or aluminum), Standard plate, Charger
Optional Accessories F1 Probe、N1 Probe、F400 Probe、F10 Probe、CN02 Probe、F1/90 Probe

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