Coating Thickness Gauge with 2 Work Pattern (Statistic Data)



Key Features

  • Two kinds of coating thickness measurement principle including magnetic principle and eddy-current principle,  available for measuring thickness of the non-magnetic layer covering on magnetic metal and thickness of the non-conductive layer covering on non-magnetic metal.
  • High precision mode: multiple measurements and automatically data filtering method to reduce disturbance of measure results
  • Temperature compensation: compensate the measurement distortion caused by the drifting of temperature.
  • Probe type automatic recognition

Technical Specifications

Type of Sensor F N
Principle Magnetic induction Eddy current
Measuring range(µm) 0~1500 0~1500 Copper covered with chrome plate(0~40)
Minimum resolution(µm) 0.1 0.1
One point calibration(µm) ±(2%H+1) ± (2%H+1)
Two points calibration(µm) ± [(1~2)%H+1] ± [(1~2)%H+1]
Minimum radius of curvature(mm) Bulge1.5 Bulge3
Minimum diameter(mm) ɸ7 ɸ5
Critical Thickness of the base(mm) 0.5 0.3


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