Coating Thickness Gauge with Unique Algorithm (Wireless)



Meta description: GAOTek Coating Thickness Gauge measures Nonmagnetic Cover thicknesss, offers statistical value, real time / batch printing and stores 15 measurement.

Key Features

  • Two patterns of working: pattern of direct and pattern of group.
  • Five statistical data: Mean Value, Maximum Value, Minimum Value, Measurement Times
    and Standard Deviation.
  • Two optional methods available to calibrate the gauge, and you can calibrate system error
    of the probe using basic calibration method.
  • Saving function: capable of 500 sets of measurement value.
  • Deleting function: You can delete one of the doubtful data and you can also delete all of data
    in the memory to prepare for new measurement.
  • Limit settings: alarm if one of the measurement data is beyond of the limits.
  • Show battery information in real time
  • The buzzer will give prompt when making measurement and you can also turn off the buzzer.
  • Variable standby time, and it will turn off if the time is up.
  • Adjustable contrast of the LCD screen
  • Error message function: Error message will show on the LCD screen or the buzzer gives error message.
  • Two methods of power off: Manual & Automatically

Technical Specifications

Range:    0-1500 μm
Error:    3%H+1μm(H is the measuring range)
Min.curvature Radius of the measured work    0.05 in (1.5mm)(F Type)、0.1 in (3mm)(F Type)
Critical thickness of the base:     0.01 in (0.5mm)(F type)、0.01 in (0.3mm)(N type)
Min.diameter of the base:      0.27 in (7mm)(F type)、0.19 in (5mm)(N type)
Probe Type:      Ferrous type、Non-ferrous type
Alarm:    Configurable Alarm limit
Working Voltage:     3*1.5 V AAA
Dimensions:    6.10*2.6*1.0 in (155mm*68mm*27 mm)
Size:       0.50 lbs.(230g)


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