Combustible Gas Detector (High/Low Alarm Point, Compact)


Key Features

  • Adopt advanced 16bits controller of ultra-low power
  • Resolution is 128*64 LCD
  • High precision electro-chemical sensor
  • Can be set high/low alarm point, two level sound and light alarm
  • Provide real-time clock display
  • Rechargeable

Technical Specifications

Sensor typeCatalytic combustion
Sampling wayDiffused or pipe
Test range0-100% lel
Precision0.1% lel
Response timeT90<30s
Indicate wayLCD display real-time concentration, LED buzzer alarm
Operate environment4OF ヨ 104OF 15%-95%RH
Pressure rangeAtmospheric pressure +- 10%
Operate voltageDC3.7V lithium: 1100 mAh
Charge time6-8 hours
Continuous work hours30 hours above
Sensor life10 years
Dimension8.66142*3.34646*1.5748 Inch