Commercial Carbon Monoide Gas Detector (Audible Alarm, Compact)




Key Features

Technical Specifications

Sensor StabilizedᅠelectrochemicalᅠGas-specific
MeasurementᅠRange 0~1000ᅠPPM
Accuracy 5%ᅠorᅠ10PPM
MeasurementᅠResolution 1PPM
ResponseᅠTime <30S
ZeroᅠDrift <5PPM
Repeatability ᄆ2%
FastᅠsamplingᅠTime 2ᅠtimes/second
Long-timeᅠStability <5%/year
OperatingᅠConditions -4F-122Fᅠ (-20~50ᄚC);15~90%RH
AudibleᅠAlarm canᅠsetᅠupperᅠlimit
AutoᅠPowerᅠOff afterᅠ15ᅠminutesᅠofᅠinactivity
TypicalᅠSensorᅠLife aboutᅠ5ᅠyears
Dimensionᅠ(L*W*H) ᅠ6.89in x 2.17in x 1.50in


Weight ᅠ 0.20lbsᅠ ( 90g)
Accessories Userメsᅠmanual,9Vᅠbattery,carryingᅠcase,giftᅠbox


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