Copper Strip Corrosion Tester (Temperature Controlling Accuracy)



Key Features

  • Stainless steel material offers good pressure and corrosion resistance
  • Equipped with imported standard color board and copper strips
  • Precise digital temperature controller
  • Easy to use

Technical Specifications


 Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz
Temperature controlling range: Room temperature ~ 100.0℃ or 212°F
Temperature controlling accuracy:  ±0.5℃ or 32.9 °F
Temperature sensor:  Pt100
Heating power: Two grades,heating temperature control is 600W, auxiliary heating power is1000W
Rotating rate of stirring motor: 1400RPM
Time-delay range:  0.01s ~ 99h 99min
Sample testing positions: 2 positions
Ambient temperature:  -10℃~35℃ or 14°F~95°F
 Relative humidity:  ≤85%
Maximum power consumption:  1700 W


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