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Digital Storage Oscilloscope1203
Digital Storage Oscilloscope1203

GAO Tek Digital Storage Oscilloscope

ID: A0120004tek



GAOTek Digital Storage Oscilloscope is used to analyse up to 4 analog channels with a sampling rate of up to 500 MSa/s and record length of up to 512 K. It offers a remarkable bandwidth combined with sufficient storage which allows to make accurate measurements. It allows to effectively measure and record signals for playback and evaluation. This Oscilloscope is cost effective since it is PC based that consists of a specialized signal acquisition board which is an external USB.

Key Features

  • Parallel, Serial, Pulse Width, I²C, SPI, TV horizontal synchronous trigger modes available
  • 5-in-1 design: digital oscilloscope, logic analyzer, FFT spectrum analyzer, electronics counter, clock jitter analyzer
  • Up to 1 GS/s single shot sampling rate
  • Up to 20 GS/s repeat sampling rate
  • 170 MHz bandwidth
  • Universal Triggering with 512 trigger levels:
  • Several types of triggering: I2C, SPI, UART, cross trigger, pre-triggering, pulse width, TV (NTSC525, PAL625) triggering and count.
  • 8 channel logic analyzer crossing trigger to analog channel, vice versa.
  • Deep 4 M/8 M sampling data acquisition buffers on each channel (A1, A2, A3, A4, D0 to D7)
  • Precision 125 MHz frequency counter, up to 7 digital resolution at 1 M memory for each analog channel
  • Fast Fourier Transformations (FFT) function for bandwidth testing
  • Convenient timing state display for logic debug
  • X-Y Plot
  • Multi-Window software
  • DLL Libraries (optional)

Technical Specifications

Sampling rate 2 Ch: 50 MSa/s to 500 MSa/s

4 Ch: 1 MSa/s to 250 MSa/s

Record length 2 Ch–2 K/32 K/256 K/1 Mega

4 Ch–1 K/16 K/128 K/512 K

External lock 0 to 100 MHz for Logic Analyzer

10 to 100 MHz for analog Channel

200 KΩ/4pf, +/-50 Vmax

Power supply DC Adapter 6 V/3.0 A
PC interface USB 1.1/2.0
Net weight 3.9 lbs (1.8 Kg)
Size (Dimension) 8.6 in x 5.5 in x 1.5 in [220 mm x 142 mm x 40 mm] (aluminium case)
Analog Channel
Analog channel  4Ch (Ch.A1, Ch.A2, Ch.A3, Ch.A4)
Input bandwidth 2 Ch DC – 125 MHz

4 Ch DC – 60 MHz

Trigger level(Universal) 512 Levels
Spectrum FFT 110 MHz (Fast Fourier Transform)
Math +,-
Multi window Yes
Maximum input voltage +-50 V
Input impedance 1 M ohm//15 pF
Digital Channel
Digital channel D0 – D7 (8 Ch)

D0-D31 (32 Ch) [Expand Pod]

Input bandwidth D0 – D7 (8 Ch) D –50 MHz

D0~D31 (32 Ch) DC-10 MHz [Expand Pod]

Record length 512 K
Maximum input voltage +-50 V
Trigger level(Universal) 512 Levels
Input impedance 200 K ohm//4 pF

Hardware Installation

  1. Turn off the computer and all peripheral connected. Remove the computer power cord from the wall outlet
  2. Locate an available USB interface (USB 2.0 version)
  3. Connect the included USB cable to USB interface
  4. Plug in power source from +5.75 V / 2.5 A DC Adapter
  5. After checking all connections, turn on the computer peripherals. You are now ready to install the software

 Software Installation

  1. Insert the distribution CD into the CD driver
  2. Select the File menu
  3. Enter file to run setup.exe installed in the CD drive
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions


  • Testing of signal voltage in radio broadcasting equipment and circuit debugging
  • Jitter and power analysis
  • For research and design
  • Cursor and pulse width readings
  • Rise time and propagation delay measurements
  • Acts as a simple signal tracer
  • Measurement of the functions of the individual component of the device
  • Measurement of components’ minor variations in operations
  • Prevention of erroneous replacement of parts

 Standard Accessories

Logic analyzer pod, Calibrated probe (1:1, 10:1) × 4 pcs, Housing with wires and clips × 36 pcs, USB 2.0 cable, Software CD, DC Adapter 5.75 V/ 2.5 A

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