Drone-101 with 5.8 GHz Digital Image Transmission

GAOTek Drone-101 features a 5.8 GHz Digital Image Transmission with a High-Resolution 18X Optical Zoom Camera.




  1. Retractable Landing Gear for flawless 360° camera shoot
  2. Better power performance system with a boost of 40%
  3. Built-in intelligent power management system
  4. The remote control has long battery endurance
  5. It adopts 5.8 GHz HD digital image transmission technology
  6. Customize and automate the waypoint routes of the drone using the App
  7. Ultra-light carbon fiber body reducing weight
  8. Customized circular shooting with the App
  9. GPS and GLONASS dual navigation system with sheer accuracy
  10. Advanced shock absorbable gimbal technology reducing vibration
  11. The camera comprises of an 18X optical zoom
  12. Integrated gimbal control button for convenient aerial photography
  13. Quality images and videos can be downloaded and shared easily
  14. Stringent technical requirements to ensure flight security
  15. HD video transmission on the App mobile device ranging 0.62 miles (1 Km)



  1. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for long-range border patrol
  2. Useful for aerial reconnaissance for the police during political events
  3. Useful for fire-related situations including rescue and investigation
  4. Monitor the atmosphere and urban air quality
  5. Provide strong data support in the event of a forest fire
  6. Applicable for electric power maintenance, emergency rescue, and file
  7. Patrol the customs area for inspection


Technical Specifications


Working Temperature50°F to 104°F (-10°C to 40°C)
Overall (L × W × H) 18.30 × 18.30 × 13.85 in (465 × 465 × 352 mm)
   Brushless MotorWK-WS-42-002A
Flight TimeAbout 20 minutes
Weight 7.16 lbs. (3250 g) (Battery included)
Main Rotor Diameter15.03 in (382 mm)
Battery22.2 V 4500 mAh 10C (6S) Li-Polymer
Remote ControllerDEVO F8W
Main ControllerFCS-V4



Control RangePitch rotation: -90° ~ +45°; Horizontal ±150°
Control AccuracyStatic: ±0.08; Motion: ±0.08°; Shake-proof: ±0.008°
Support Micro-SDSD/SDHC Card (MAX 128 GB)
Zoom SpeedAbout 2.0 seconds
Horizontal View59.8° – 3.0° (Wide Angle-Telescopic)
Video Resolution4K 30fps
Video Storage Maximum32 Kbps to 16 Mbps
Focal Length 0.26 to 5.30 in (6.7 to 134.5 mm)
Close-shot Distance 0.39 to 59.1 in (10 to 1500 mm) (Wide Angle-Telescopic)
Photo Resolution4608 × 3456 pixels
Zoom Ratio18X optical zoom
Sensor1/2.3 SONY IMX117 CMOS
Compress StandardH.264 / H.265
Files FormatJPG/MP4
ISO Range100-3200 (Video)/100-1600 (Image)
Remote Controller


Signal RangeAbout 0.93 miles (1.5 Km) (open without shelter, no electromagnetic interference)
Built-In-Battery7.4 V 3000 mAh Li-polymer (2S)
Working Frequency2.4 GHz
Overall (L × W × H) 6.5 x 6.8 x 1.26 in (165 x 174 x 62 mm)