Electrophoresis Power Supply with High Output Power




GAOTek Electrophoresis Power Supply comes with High Output Power and controlled by micro-computer.

Key Features

  • The state of constant voltage, constant electric current and constant power operating modes can be converted into one another to ensure the safety;
  • It has the protection functions of over voltage, short circuit, overload, sudden load change, unloaded, leaks electricity, etc.;
  • It has the function of memory for convenient use and programming with a minimum of time and effort;
  • Program: up to 9 different programs, each with 9 steps
  • Output terminals: 2 pairs in parallel

Technical Specifications

Power source A.C. 220V±10% (50Hz±2%);
Input power about 600 VA;
Output voltage  (10 -3000)V, (Increase or decrease: 1V/step);
Output current (4 -400)mA, (Increase or decrease: 1mA/step);
Output power (4 – 400)W, (Increase or decrease: 1W/step);
Size 11.92*14.37*5.39in

(303 x 364 x 137 (mm);

Weight 16.75lbs (7.5kg)



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