Flaw Detector with High Precise Flaw Echo



GAOTek Flaw Detector with High Precise displays the location of flaw echo. Provides different calculating measures, standards and free store of data.

Key Features

  • Can work continuously up to 8 hours
  • Have Master-Slave menu, shortcut keys and digital swiftly knob
  • Offline and online charging
  • Small size and light weight
  • Display brightness can be adjusted
  • Digital color 5.7 inch (144.78 mm) Display
  • Back ground color can be selected

Technical Specifications

Bandwidth 0.2MHz~15MHz
Scanning Range 0-236 in (0-6000mm)
Vertical linearity error ≤3%
Horizontal linearity error  ≤0.2%
Dynamic Range ≥32dB
Noise Level ≤ 10%
Velocity Range 1000~9999(m/s)
Resolution 40dB (5P14)
Sensitivity Leavings 60dB (flat-bottomed deep hole 200mm 2)
Rejection (0 to 80)% Linear
Power supply DC 9V; lithium batteries work for 4 to 8 hours or more
Temperature -4 ~ 122 °F (-20 ~ 50 ℃)
Humidity (20 ~ 95)% RH


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