Four Gas Detector with Alarms (Large Data Storage)


Key Features

  • Astigmatic design is applied to rugged surroundings;
  • Continuously gas concentration and composition LCD real-time display
  • Rechargeable lithium battery (continuous working period can be 16~18 hours);
  • Concentration units ppm and mg/m3 can be switched
  • Built-in vibration alarm which is applied for noisy environment;
  • Two stage alarm threshold: the low alarm and high alarm point can be adjusted based on actual needs;
  • Simple automatic calibration program and plug-in replaceable sensor;
  • Fully functional self-testing: sensor, integrity of battery and circuit, acoustic & visual & vibration three-stage alarm;
  • Small figure and light weight;
  • Password protection capability: only the authorized user can modify the preset parameter.

Technical Specifications

Detection principle More than 30 kinds of sensors can choose free combination,

flexible configuration (according to customer needs can support 4 kinds of gas detection at the same time)

Sampling methods Dispersive (optional external sampling pump)


resolution ratio 0.01ppm,0.1ppm(The resolution is associated with the selected range
Precision 3%FS
Alarm way Sound and light alarm,Alarm state three optional: open, close, forbidden
The battery 3.7 V rechargeable lithium battery, battery capacity of 1800 MA
Chargingtime Less than 6 h
Working temperature -4F-122F  (-20°C~50°C)


SIZE 6.10in x 3.07in x 1.38in



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