Four Gas Detector with Data Storage (3 Alarms, Compact)


Key Features

  • Compact, lightweight, sturdy
  • Sound, light, vibration alarm
  • Large screen digital, character display, instantaneous value, peak value, average value display
  • Self-test of the battery, sensor, alarm function when necessary or boot
  • Safety tips: Regular Flash, voice prompts
  • Superior audio sound alarm
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Detect one, two, three or four kinds of gases(4 in 1 gas detector with 4 gas sensors)

Technical Specifications

Measuring gas O2, CO,H2S,flammable gas
Measuring range O2:0-25%VOL,CO:0-2000ppm,H2S:0-200ppm,

combustible gas:0-100%LEL

Sensor type Electrochemical, catalytic combustion sensor
Alarm mode Sound alarm  more than 90dB (10cm); Light alarm red LED; Vibration alarm
Data storage save 64 sets of data
Backlight bright yellow backlight
Work mode Continuous working  Combustible gas can work continuously

for 12 hours

Response time less than 40s
Weight 0.44lbs  (200g)
Temperature range  -4F-122F  (-20°C ~ 50°C)
Humidity range 0 ~ 95%(Non-condensing)


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