GAO-ENET-102 Gigabit Ethernet Tester Module for 10G Packet




GAOTek Gigabit Ethernet Tester Module for 10G Packet is a compact test solution designed for the installation and maintenance of Metro/Carrier Ethernet and IP services. It supplies a compact test solution for 10G packet Ethernet, include ITU-T Y.1564 standard for SLA and OAM test features.

This test module functions with an intelligent network modular test platform. It combines powerful function, flexible, convenience, fast and high-efficient advantages. It is an excellent tool for network experts deploying and maintaining metro, access and FTTx multilayer networks.

Key Features

10 Gigabit Ethernet Test Module (GAO-ENET-102-A)

  • 10 Gbit/s data stream in maximum.
  • RFC2544 test includes throughput, latency, frame loss, and back-to-back.
  • IEEE802.3ah, IEEE802.1ag, ITU-T Y.1731, and ITU-T G.8113.1 OAM test.
  • Network configuration testing and performance testing per standard ITU-T Y.1564.
  • RFC2544 and Y.1564 Bidirectional testing.
  • Ethernet BERT and loopback test from layer 1 to layer 4 with or without VLAN and MPLS tags.
  • Generate up to 512 traffic flows with different MAC address, VLAN tags, MPLS, IP address, TCP/UDP, payload, and bandwidth.
  • Traffic scan according with MAC, IP, VLAN, MPLS label, and so on.
  • Service disruption test.
  • IPv4 and IPV6 traffic generation.
  • MAC and VLAN flooding.
  • Service disruption test.
  • Smart loop mode for layer 1, layer 2, layer 3, and layer 4.

Intelligent Network Test Platform (GAO-ENET-102-B)

  • Compact, portable, lightweight and easy to use outdoors.
  • Graphical user interface, easy to operate.
  • 6.5 inches outdoor-enhanced LCD color touch screen.
  • Ultra-high capacity field-exchangeable Li-ion battery pack extends testing time.
  • Modular intelligent network test platform with powerful functions.
  • Dial, number keys and function keys for flexible scrolling and selecting.
  • Remote control by PC using 10/100M Base-T port.
  • Fast and efficient analysis of test results.


  • Installation and maintenance for Metro/Carrier Ethernet and IP Services.
  • Maintenance of access and FTTx multilayer networks
  • RFC2544 Test
  • BERT Test
  • OAM Test
  • Y.1564 Test
  • Multi-Stream Test
  • Network Configuration Test
  • Performance Test

Technical Specifications

User Interface
Screen6.5 Inch TFT Touch Screen (640 x 480)
Other Interface
USBUSB2.0, A type, 2

USB2.0 Mini B type, 1

EthernetEthernet 10/100, RJ45
Audio3.5 mm Audio Interface
Physical Specifications
TemperatureOperating: 14 °F to 122 °F (-10 °C to 50 °C)

Storage: -40 °F to 178 °F (-40 °C to 70 °C)

Relative Humidity0 % to 95 % (non-condensing)
Size (H × W × D)Network Test Platform: 12.56 in x 7.95 in x 4.13 in (319 mm x 202 mm x 105 mm)

Gigabit Ethernet Test Module: 0.98 in x 3.82 in x 10.19 in (25 mm x 97 mm x 259 mm)

WeightNetwork Test Platform: 6.17 lbs. (2.8 kg)

Gigabit Ethernet Test Module: 0.88 lbs. (0.4 kg)

Vibrancy< 1.5g  at 10 Hz to 500 Hz (on 3 main axes)
Mechanical Shock< 760 mm on 6 sides, 8 edges, according to GR-196-CORE



Battery and Power Supply
BatteryRechargeable Li-Ion batteries

Working time: 2 hours (typical for 10G Ethernet test)

Charging time: 6 hours (typical: 25 °C)

Power SourceInput: 100 V-240 V AC, 50 Hz-60 Hz, 2 A

Output: 19 V DC, 4 A

PortOptical interface: 1 port, 10G Base-X with XFP

User selectable optical module: 850nm, 1310nm, 1550nm.

Ethernet FeatureAuto negotiation, flow control
ConfigurationMonitor/Generate, pass-through
EncapsulationEthernet type II, IEEE802.3 with 802.2, IEEE802.3 with SNAP
Configuration, Monitoring, and Generation
Traffic Generation
  • Variable line rate traffic generation, up to full line rate
  • Traffic generate mode: continuous, burst, ramp, n-frame, n-burst, n-ramp
  • Adjustable frame size: 46 bytes to 16000 bytes
  • Frame size: fixed, increase, decrease, random
  • User-defined traffic mix of unicast and broadcast frames
  • Fixed, increase, decrease, random MAC/IP identifier
  • User programmable DSCP/TOS byte
  • Configurable IP and Ethernet source and destination addresses (support IPv4 and IPv6 addressing)
  • User programmable TCP/UDP address
  • Generate pause frames, respond to pause frames
  • Answer incoming ARP, ping requests
Stacked VLAN
  • Up to 3 user-settable VLAN tags
  • Parameters per VLAN tag:
    • Ethernet type II 0x8100 (802.1Q), 0x88a8 (802.1ad), 0x9100, 0x9200, 0x9300
    • User-defined VLAN ID, CFI, VLAN priority
    • Address fixed, increments, decrement, random generation supported
Multi streamNumber of streams: up to 512 streams per port can be activated
Error InjectionFCS, IP check sum error, UDP/TCP check sum Error, bit error, BER test sequence error
Alarm generationNo link
Result, Monitoring and Generation
  • Link status, interface type, jabber detected, frames present, MPLS/VLAN, speed, full or half duplex, signal present, bit rate of incoming Ethernet signal, auto negotiation complete
  • Link partner abilities: speed/duplex
  • Indicators of utilization, throughput, errored frames
  • Signal level indication for optical Ethernet interfaces


Performance StatisticsUtilization, throughput, frame rate
Frame Statistics
  • Total frames, total testing frames, total not testing frames, Unicast/multicast/broadcast frames, number of pause frames
  • Total VLAN frames
  • Total MPLS frames
  • Total errored framed, number of oversized, normal, and runt frame, number of FCS errored
Frame Distribution Statistics
  • Total valid/frames, <64, 64-127, 128-511, 512-1023, 1024-1518, >1518
Multi streamDisplay information per steam:

  • Frame loss count/rate, throughput, latency, packet jitter, frames and bytes received and transmitted
Transmit StatisticsTotal frames, unicast/multicast/broadcast
FilterFilter condition support:

  • Source and destination MAC/IP, IPv6, VLAN ID and VLAN Priority, MPLS, IP TOS, TCP/UDP source and destination port, Ethernet type and IP protocol


BER Test and Service Disruption Test
BER Test
  • Generation and detection of test pattern, count of errors in received test pattern
  • Pattern generation: layer 1 to layer 4
  • Frame loss count and frame loss seconds
  • BER measurement results
  • Test pattern: PRBS9, PRBS11, PRBS15, PRBS20, PRBS23, PRBS31, CRPRJ, JTPAT, SPAT, 32bits user defined
Error InjectionFCS, IP check sum error, UDP/TCP check sum error, BIT error, BER test sequence error
Service Disruption TestService disruption test activated as part of BER test:

  • Max/avg service disruption test, resolution: 0.1us
  • Number of service disruption
Loopback Test
  • Layer 1 to layer 4 loopback test
  • Advanced loopback test:
    • Packet loss setting: percentage, packet count, time
    • Loopback drop enable: protocol loss, protocol pass, control, CRC error, IP/TCP/UDP error
RFC2544 Test
  • Switch/Router test and single ended network test mode:
  • Throughput, frame loss, latency, back-to-back
  • End-to-End network test mode (2 units in local-remote setup):
  • Throughput, frame loss, back-to-back
Service Activation Test (Y.1564)
Service Activation TestITU-T Y.1564 service activation test:

  • Up to 8 services per port
  • Colour-aware and non-colour-aware in combinations
  • Test modes: one-way (uni-or bi-directional), round-trip
  • Verification against service acceptance criteria: information rate, frame transfer delay, frame delay variation, frame loss rate, availability
Service Configuration Test
  • Subtest for: CIR, EIR, traffic policing
  • Step duration: 1-60s (user define)
  • Number of steps: 1 to 4
  • Result: pass/fail indication, IR (min/avg/max), FL (Count/FLR), FTD, FDV (min/avg/max (during measurement))
Service Performance Test
  • All services tested simultaneously at CIR
  • Duration 15min, 2hours, 24 hours, or user defined
  • Result: pass/fail indication, IR (min/avg/max), FL (count/FLR), FTD, FDV (min/avg/max (during measurement))
Remote Smart Loopback Test
Remote Smart Loopback
  • Use as local unit control another remote unit for RFC2544 and Y.1564 bi-directional testing
  • Support layer 1 to layer 4 smart loopback test
Advanced IP Tools
PINGFor connectivity and configuration check:

  • Round trip time (RTT)
  • Support IPv4, TTL, URL
Trace RouteTrace IP route over IP network:

Information per hop: PING time, number of ping timeouts

VCT Cable TestUse for CAT5 cable connectivity check:

  • Status: pass/fail
  • Fault location
  • Channel
  • Polarity
  • Pair Skew
Flow ControlFlow control time, us:

  • Pause time: total, last, max, min
  • Pause frame count: TX, RX
FTP Upload/


Use for FTP server and client emulation:

  • Support IPv4 and URL
  • Username/password
  • File upload/download
  • Result: pass/fail indication, upload/download time display
HTTPWEB access:

  • Support IPv4 and URL
  • HTTP access pass/fail
Advanced PING


Advance/fast PING, PING segments of the IP one by one in one time:

  • IP address range: start, end
  • Send count
  • Timeout (ms)
  • Status: pass/fail indication
Number of MPLS HeaderUp to 3 MPLS header set by user
Parameter per MPLS HeaderUser defined label, Exp and TLL fields in each MPLS header:

  • Label fixed, increment, decrement, random generation
StatisticsMPLS frame count


  • Complies ITU-T G.8113.1
  • Support OAM messages:
    • 1ag: CCM, LBM, LBR, LTM, LTR
Ethernet OAM
OAM Standards
  • ITU-T Y.1731 service layer OAM
  • IEEE802.1ag connectivity layer OAM
  • IEEE802.3 (formerly IEEE802.3ah) access link OAM
MessagesGenerate and receive following OAM messages:

  • IEEE802.1ag: CCM, LBM, LBR, LTM, LTR
  • IEEE802.3ah: information, variable request, variable response, loopback control


IEEE802.3ah Function
  • Discovery
  • Loopback activate
StatisticsNumber of each message generated/received
Ethernet Frame Capture
Capture Buffer Size
  • 200Mbytes
  • When capture buffer full: stop
Capture Frame SlicingCan capture frame length by user defined
Capture DataCAP format for display in Wireshark.

Packaging List

GAO-ENET-102-AOne 10 Gigabit Ethernet test module 1
One 10G Base-X optical interface
Layer 1 to Layer 4 BERT test
Up to 16 streams generation and analysis with MAC/ VLAN/ IP/ TCP/ UDP
RFC2544 standard test with Throughput, Latency, Frame Loss, Back-to-Back and Jitter
Layer 1 to Layer 4 loopback and smart loopback test
Enable to drop data packet under loopback mode
Up to 10G streams generation with 3 Layer VLAN
Ping, Trace Route, FTP Download/Upload, and HTTP tools
Ethernet service disruption test
Packet capture and analysis to 10G rate
Enable to generate frame with increment, decrement, random length
Enable to generate data streams with increment, decrement, random MAC, IP, VLAN, MPLS, and Port Number
Bi-directional test
Layer 1 bandwidth statistics
Remote control by PC
GAO-ENET-102-BTest platform, support SDH, OTN, Ethernet, Packet Ethernet, OTDR test modules1
AccessoriesLC/PC to LC/PC full-duplex single-mode fiber (3m)1
10G 1310nm 10Km LC XFP optical module1
XFP optical port dust proof cap – black – rubber1
3 pins adapter cable1
GAO-ENET-102-B 100-240V input and 19V output AC/DC power adapter1
GAO-ENET-102-B disc include user manual and remote control software1
GAO-ENET-102-B package1
Factory Test Report1
Calibration Certificate1
One Year Warranty Service.1

Optional Accessories

Optional Software
1IEEE802.3ah standard access OAM test
2Y.1564 standard service configuration and performance test for SLA QoS with CIR/EIR/Traffic Dropped for 10GE
3Bi-directional Y.1564 test
4IPv6 feature, the test interface can set IPv6 address and also can generate stream with IPv6
5Traffic scan according with destination MAC/IP, source MAC/IP, 3 Layer VLAN, 3 Layer MPLS

in-service test

6Advance/Fast PING, PING segments of the IP one by one in one time
7Up to 10G rates generation with 3 Layer MPLS label
8ITU-T Y.1731 standard Ethernet OAM test
9ITU-T G.8113.1 standard MPLS-TP OAM test
10Up to 128 streams generation and analysis with MAC/VLAN/IP/TCP/UDP for 10G port
11Up to 512 streams generation and analysis with MAC/VLAN/IP/TCP/UDP for 10G port
1210G WAN test
Optional Hardware
1lithium polymer rechargeable battery
2Two years extended warranty service

Product Description

Intelligent Network Test Platform Brief



RFC2544 Test:

GAO-ENET-102 fully meets RFC2544 standard, supports Throughput; Latency; Frame loss; and Back-to-Back test in metro network, and can be able to generate a complete test report.



Frame Loss Test

Back-to-back Test

BERT Test:

Ethernet BERT test adopts the similar principle of SDH BERT test. It is by transferring the Ethernet frames with special test code, then analyse these frames at the receiver to test the network.

Multi-Stream Test:

GAO-ENET-102 supports to generate multiple data streams to test the forward ability of these service in Ethernet network. In addition, multiple data streams can be set as different priority.

OAM Test:

OAM test supports IEEE 802.3ah, IEEE 802.1ag, ITU-T Y.1731, and ITU-T G.8113.1 OAM link and services protocol. It includes partner link detection, remote loopback, MIB retrieval, and link event notification. It also can check network connection, connection ring back; generate link trace messages, and analyse service level of OAM test application. ITU-T Y.1731 OAM message can practice frame loss performance verification. ITU-T G.8113.1 OAM message can verify the PTN network, and practice and the frame loss performance verification.

Y.1564 Test:

RFC2544 was the most popular standard for Ethernet test. However, it is specially designed for indoor network facilities test, not suitable for outdoor field test. Hence, ITU‐T Y.1564sam is particularly introduced for telecom operator to do Ethernet network service launch and fault diagnosis. Compared with RFC2544, it includes critical SLA standards such as packet jitter identification and QoS measurements, which could increase test speed promptly, save test time and resource, and optimises QoS.

Network Configuration Test

Network configuration test will conduct a test for every service to verify whether the service configuration is correct or not, and whether all specific KPI or SLA parameters have been satisfied.

Performance Test

When the configuration of every service has been checked, and verified successfully, GAO-ENET-102 will conduct a test for the quality of service simultaneously.