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GAOTek OTDR-106 Launch Box



GAOTek OTDR-106 Launch Box with Compound Latch & Lock (Dust/Water Proof) is designed to aid in the testing of fiber optic cable when using an OTDR. This non­-metal construction will not dent, corrode, or conduct electricity. The OTDR Launch Box minimizes the effects of OTDR dead zone during fiber optic testing . It is often available on a small spool or within a “launch box”, which is used to create the proper conditions for testing another similar optical fiber for faults. This method avoids undesirable variations in loss and distance measurements. A launch fiber will migitate the dead zone distance brought about by high launch power or faults near the launch end of the fiber. This product is available in many different configurations and fiber lengths.

Key Features

  • Compact size and light weight.
  • Single mode fiber with low insertion loss
  • Simplex SC connector equipped with transparent plastic dust plug
  • Compound Latch for positive seal
  • Easy opening with locking feature
  • Non-­metal construction
  • Excellent assistant for an OTDR testing in various fiber optic applications.
  • Water and dust proof
  • Available in many different lengths and configuration as per user requirement.
  • Case can store up to 2,000 meters of fiber
  • Auto Purge Valve for changes in altitude and temperature

Technical Specifications


Parameters Details
 Typical Loss  < 0.5 db @ 1310 nm for 0.62 mi (1000 m)
 Material  SR Polypropylene
Operating Temperature  -40 oF ~ 131 oF  (-40 oC ~ 55 oC)
Dimensions  9.37 in X 5.56 in X 2.62 in (237 mm X 141.2 mm X 66.5 mm)
 Weight  1.65 lb (0.75 kg) (without fiber)


The box is most commonly used with the advantage of durability.It has a long spool of optical fiber with a pigtail on two ends. One of the pigtail is for input which is used to connect with the OTDR the other pigtail on the opposite end is for output which is used to connect with the optical fiber under test.After connecting the input end and output end to the corresponding port. This OTDR launch box can be used to test the attenuation of the fiber link.


  • Widely used with OTDR to help minimize measurement uncertainty indoor and outdoor
  • Tests the comprehensive performance of newly installed fiber links
  • Detect the problems in existing fiber link

Questions from our customers

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    SR Polypropylene has been used for this OTDR Launch Box. This non­-metal construction will not dent, corrode, or conduce electricity.

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    This product comes with Auto Purge Valve which is used to change altitude and temperature.

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    The weight of this OTDR Launch Box is 1.65 lb (0.75 kg) (without fiber).

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    It can store up to 2000 meters of fiber.

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