GAO Tek Active RFID UHF Beacon Tag

This beacon tag is a cost-effective long-range active RFID tag appropriate for tracking mobile assets, controlling access or online inventory.



This beacon tag is a cost-effective long-range active RFID tag appropriate for tracking mobile assets, controlling access or online inventory, and localizing of assets or personnel in designated areas. It offers outstanding long-range capabilities for wireless applications. Static data are written on the tag and are sent at a programmable interval without requiring a request from the reader. The tag uses advanced UHF radio frequency technology and sends data to a mobile (handheld) or fixed reader (interrogator) at distances of up to 300 feet (100 meters). Its ultra-low power consumption and configurable ping rate enables it to operate effectively for many years without additional maintenance.

Key Features

  • 100-meter read range: Allows the longest read-range for identification and tracking using beacon technology.
  • Long battery lifetime :Delivers long time maintenance-free operation, without battery replacement. The battery lifetime depends on the ping rate, which is configurable.
  • UHF operating frequencies: Tags are available for both standard North American and European ISM band frequencies.
  • Non-line-of-sight data transmission:Allows tags to be identified without the need of visual contact.
  • Automatic transmission: Tags do not have to be “woken” – they transmit automatically.
  • Industrial housing: Durable in demanding environments.
  • Customizable ping rate: Ensures that the frequency band is not busy.
  • Low cost: Economical choice for tracking assets with active RFID technology.

Technical Specifications

Read range Up to 100 m (300 ft) (free air)
Operating frequency 868 MHz (EC) or 915 MHz (NA) ISM band
Operation Transmits in regular intervals a pre-programmed data string
Repetition rate (ping rate) 0.5 – 60 seconds in 0.5 second steps
Transmit power <1 mW
Certification CE (EN 300 220-1, -3; ETSI EN 301 489-1, -3),
FCC part 15 (US), Industry Canada
Power source Lithium battery (not replaceable)
Expected battery life 4 Years @ 2 second intervals
Programmability One time
Programming and activation Wireless by proximity device over a distance of maximum 5 cm
Reprogrammable No
Deactivation No
Data size 9 bytes (user definable)
Identification code 32 bit fixed ID
Operating temperature –30 °C to 70 °C (–22 °F to 158°F)
Shock 50 G, 3 times DIN IEC 68-2-27
Multiple drops to concrete from 1 m (3 ft)
Vibration 3 G, 20 sine wave cycles, 5 Hz to 150 Hz,
DIN IEC 68-2-6
5 G, noise 5 Hz to 1000 Hz, 30 minutes
DIN IEC 68-2-64
Dimensions 131 mm x 28 mm x 21 mm
(5.2 in. x 1.1 in. x 0.85 in.)
Case Material Plastic (Luran? S)
Mass 50 grams (1.75 ounces)
Enclosure rating IP 65 — Protected against dust and low-pressure jets of water
Color Royal Blue


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