GAO Tek’s RFID Asset Tracking Software System

GAO RFID Asset Tracking System is an integrated real-time RFID tracking and monitoring system.




GAO RFID Asset Tracking System is an integrated real-time RFID tracking and monitoring system. By placing RFID readers at various choke points, such as doorways, and placing RFID tags on important assets the system is able to track the movement of the tagged assets within the site and send out alert e-mails/text messages when certain conditions are met.

Key Features

  • 24 hour Unmanned OperationOnce the system is set up and configured, no additional user input is required. When a tagged asset passes through a choke point where an RFID reader is mounted, a record is automatically displayed on the server screen and written into the system database.
  • Remote Management through a Web InterfaceThe system can be managed remotely through a Web interface. Tags and assets can be added, edited, and removed by the responsible staff at the head office without them having to travel to the site.
  • Alerts and E-mail/Text Message NotificationsIn the system, assets can be divided into groups. The system administrators are able to setup alert conditions for each group so that when certain assets pass through certain choke points a corresponding alert device is activated and e-mail or text message warnings are sent to responsible staff members.
  • Real-Time Map ViewThrough the software interface, the user is able to create a map for the site and monitor the events happening at different tracking points on the desktop in real time. Normal events and alert events are shown in different colors to catch users’ attention.
  • Customizable ReportAll activities are stored in the database and reports can be generated by specifying different criteria such as dates, group names, tracking points and asset names.
  • User and User Group ManagementThe system supports multiple users and user groups. The administrator can choose to give different privileges such as tag management, asset management and reporting to different user groups.

Requirements – RFID Asset Tracking Software System

  • Microsoft Windows XP or later
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 (included in software package)
  • Microsoft SQL Server Express 2005 (included in software package) or later
  • Microsoft Internet Information Service 6.0 or later


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