GAOTek 144 Fiber Breakout 1U Angled LC Patch Panel

This 144 Fiber Breakout 1U Angled LC Patch Panel is Rackmount with a capacity of 72F fiber fully loaded with 3 modules and suitable for 19 inch cassette installation.




GAOTek 144 Fiber Breakout 1U Angled LC Patch Panel are suitable for 19”cassette installation. They are used in 144 core breakout cable for terminated connector. It has 72 LC duplex ports in front of panel and 12fiber array MTP/MPO trunk cable for connector. It is used in data center and network design. It can meet high density performance and ideal for networking assembly. This 1U Patch panel has a capacity of 72fiber fully loaded with 3 modules. This module is available upto 24 LC or 12 SC Adapter port.


  • 19” Rackmount Angled patch panel.
  • The Panel and module are made of Cold Rolled steel sheet.
  • Cable material available in LSZH.
  • Module is available up to 24LC or 12 SC adapter port and switch to MPO/MTP connection.
  • The Patch Panel has a capacity up to 72F fully loaded with 3 modules.
  • This module is Pre-terminated at the factory.
  • Simple plug and play on site module. No fiber splicing and cable wiring required on site.
  • Cost effective, easy to install, operate and maintain.

Technical Specifications

MTP Connector
Connector Type IL Average IL Maximum Return Loss
MTP Elite (MM) 0.10 db 0.35 db > 20 db
MTP (MM) 0.20 db 0.65 db > 20 db
MTP Elite (SM) 0.10 db 0.35 db > 60 db
MTP (SM) 0.25 db 0.75 db
Generic Connector
Fiber Type Single mode Multimode
Parameter UPC APC
Insertion Loss Maximum < 0.30 dB
Return Loss > 55 dB > 60 dB > 20 dB
Durability 1000 Matings
Operating Temperature -40 °F to 176°F (-40℃ to 80℃)
Test Wavelength 1310 nm 850 nm

Additional Information


  • Data Center Infrastructure
  • Storage Area Network-Fiber Channel
  • Emerging 40 & 100Gps Protocols.

Ordering Information

GAO-FPP-101 MTP/F/PC (1)- LC/UPC/DX (2) – OM3 (3)- 12B (4)- B2.0 (5)- 1.5M/0.6M (6)- LSZH (7)- Aqua (8)- A(9)
1 – Connector A MTP/F/PC: MTP Female,PC polish; MTP/F/APC: MTP Female, APC polish;

MTP/M/PC: MTP Male,PC polish; MTP/M/APC: MTP Male, APC polish;




3 – Fiber Mode OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, OS2, G657A1
4 – Fiber Count and Type 12R: 12F Ribbon; 12BR: 12F Bare Ribbon; 12B: 12F Mini Round Cable
5 – Fan-out Type B2.0: 2.0 fan-out with splitter kit.
6 – Length 1.5M/0.6M: Cable total length1.5M, fan-out length 0.6M, etc.
7 – Cable Jacket Materials LSZH.
8 – Cable Jacket Color Aqua (OM3, OM4) Orange (OM1, OM2), Yellow (SM).
9 – Polarity A: Type A; B: Type B; C: Type C.

Standards Compliance

  • TIA/EIA-568-C.3 and ISO/IEC 11801
  • IEC-61754-7 & EIA/TIA-604-5
  • NFPA 262 or IEC 60332
  • IEC-61754-20 & IEC-61754-14
  • Compliant to Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS) & REACH SvHC
  • IEC-60793