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GAOTek 4x10G Transponder for Optical Fiber Link Wavelength Conversion and Transferring


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GAOTek 4x10G Transponder for Optical Fiber Link Wavelength Conversion and Transferring is designed to be used in regeneration of optical signals and transmission of rare fiber resources with various transmission distance. It works in the principle of optical-electrical-optical (OEO) to realize the amplification and wavelength conversion of optical signals. GAOTek Four channel transponder adopts wavelength division multiplexing technology by using CWDM/DWDM multiplexer/de-multiplexer. It is specially applied to optical transport systems up to 10G SDH/SONET, Ethernet etc. It provides high speed and cost efficient solutions to regeneration of optical signals as well as the transmission of rare fiber resources.


  • Supports a maximum port rate of 10 Gb/s.
  • The wavelengths of C-Band, which supports DWDM wavelengths in compliance with ITU-T standards.
  • Can be operated and controlled independently.
  • Supports automatic loopback test.
  • Supports 3R function. For neighbouring ports, the way for data transmission can be set.
  • Supports CDR function, which can optimize output.

Technical Specifications

Transmission Distance0.19 mi.
(0.3 km)
6.21 mi.
(10 km)
24.85 mi.
(40 km)
49.71 mi.
(80 km)
Centre Wavelength840 nm
860 nm
1290 nm
1330 nm
1530 nm
1565 nm
1530 nm
1565 nm
Maximum Spectral Width1 nm1 nm1 nm1 nm
Side Mode Suppression Ratio30 dB30 dB30 dB
Average Output Power-7 dBm
-1 dBm
-6 dBm
-1 dBm
-1 dBm
2 dBm
0 dBm
4 dBm
Extinction Ratio> 3 dB> 6 dB> 8.2 dB> 9 dB
Receive Sensitivity< -10 dBm< -16 dBm< -16 dBm< -24 dBm
Maximum Dispersion Tolerancen.a.35 ps/nm800 ps/nm1600 ps/nm
Optical Path Penalty1 dB1 dB1 dB2 dB
Maximum Return Loss-27 dB-27 dB-27 dB-27 dB


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