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GAOTek ADSS Fiber Optic Outdoor Self-supporting Aerial Cable



GAOTek ADSS Fiber Optic Outdoor Self-supporting Aerial Cable is designed for easy and economical installation in campus backbones or LANs with self-supporting installations where metallic messengers cannot be used. The cable’s non-metallic structure makes it a good insulator which in turn helps in anti-thunder protection. The ADSS optical cable is also available with a proprietary track-resistant polyethylene (TRPE) jacket suitable for installation in electric field potentials up to 25 kV. It’s fine production technology and even force for Aramid fiber makes the cable superior in stress flexibility. The cable incorporates water blocking materials which eliminates the need for traditional flooding compound and provides efficient and craft-friendly cables. The cable has a small diameter and is light weight due to which it had lower load on the attached tower.


  • The cable supports tension strength over 90 KN.
  • Supports electric trace resistant outer sheath to run safely under a circumstance of space electric field (E) <=25 KV/m.
  • The cables can adapt easily in any type of bad weather conditions.
  • Supports loose cover GYTA cable core; non-metallic core can be reinforced.
  • A power line failure doesn’t influence the cable’s normal transfer.
  • The cable supports a small cable diameter which makes it light weight.
  • Supports up to 4921.26 ft. (1500 m) span and has low attached load on the tower.
  • Supports aramid fiber which makes the cable a good insulator.
  • Supports anti-thunder and anti-gun fire characteristics.

Technical Specifications

Description Specifications
Fiber Count 48
Size of Tube 0.10 in (2.6 mm)
Cable Diameter 0.58 in (14.9 mm)
RTS 44.3 kN
Cable Weight 172 kg/km
Tension Strength 90 KN
ADSS with grade A sheath (Parts)
Order Type Model ADSS-PE 24 M15.5/A ADSS-PE48 M17.7/C ADSS-PE72 M 21.2/D
Fiber Count 24 48 72
Size of Tube 0.08 in (2.1 mm) 0.1 in (2.6 mm) 0.12 in (3.0 mm)
Cable Diameter 0.52 in (13.4 mm) 0.58 in (14.9 mm) 0.64 in (16.4 mm)
Cable Weight 306 lbs/mile

(139 kg/km)

379 lbs/mile

(172 kg/km)

460 lbs/mile

(209 kg/km)

RTS 38.8 kN 44.3 kN 56.6 kN
Linear Expansion Coefficient 2.2 x 10-6 C 2.0 x 10-6 C 1.8 x 10-6 C
Young’s Modulus 16.5 kN/ mm2 17.5 kN/ mm2 18.6 kN/ mm2
ADSS with grade B sheath (Parts)
Order Type Model ADSS-AT 24 M14/A ADSS-AT48 M15.2/C ADSS-AT72 M 21.2/D
Fiber Count 24 48 72
Size of Tube 0.08 in (2.1 mm) 0.1 in (2.6 mm) 0.12 in (3.0 mm)
Cable Diameter 0.51 in (13.2 mm) 0.56 in (14.3 mm) 0.64 in (16.3 mm)
Cable Weight 321 lbs/mile

(146 kg/km)

372 lbs/mile

(169 kg/km)

485 lbs/mile

(220 kg/km)

RTS 35 kN 37.9 kN 52.9 kN
Linear Expansion Coefficient 4.5 x 10-6  C 4.8 x 10-6 C 3.6 x 10-6  C
Young’s Modulus 15.5 kN/mm2 14.9 kN/mm2 17.9 kN/mm2
Optical fiber characteristics (G.655C)
Category Description Specifications








Attenuation @ 850 nm ≤2.3 dB/km (max.) ≤2.5 dB/km (max.)
Attenuation @ 1300 nm ≤0.5 dB/km (max.) ≤0.7 dB/km (max.)
Zero Dispersion Wavelength ≤1520 nm
Zero Dispersion Slope 2

≤0.084 ps/nm,km

Polarization Mode Dispersion(PMD) ≤0.08 ps/km
Cable Cut-off Wavelength(λcc) ≤1450 nm
Macro bending Loss

(1 turn; Ф32 mm) @1550 nm

(100 turns; Ф60 mm) @1625 nm

(100 turns; Ф 50 mm) @1310 & @1625 nm


≤0.05 dB


≤0.05 dB


≤0.05 dB

Mode Field Diameter @1550 nm 9.6±0.5 μm



Cladding Diameter 50.0±3.0 μm 62.5±3.0 μm
Core/clad concentricity error ≤0.6 μm
Cladding Non-Circularity ≤1.0%



Proof Test level ≥1.2%
Fiber Curl Radius ≥4.0 m
Peak Coating Strip Force 0.9 ~ 6.8 N

Additional Information


  • Can be used to erect on the same pole with power line in new and old power line.
  • Used for a long-life span.
  • Used mostly in areas of strong electric field or multi-thunder.

 Cable Structural Diagram

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