GAOTek Agriculture Drone Spraying

This Agriculture Spraying Drone has tank capacity of 4.23 ga / 5.28, take-off weight of 127.87 lb (58 kg) and wheel base of 83.66 in (212.5 cm).



Technical Specification

Material: carbon fibre
Battery: 2200 mAh
Tank capacity: 4.23 ga / 5.28 ga (16 L / 20 L)
Colour: Orange
Usage: Agricultural Pesticide Spraying Uav
Application: Agricultural Spaying Uav Drone
Capacity: 5.28 ga (20000 ml)
Private Mold: NO
Function: With Remote Control
Type: agriculture use
Frame weight 30.20 lb (13.7 kg)
Wheel base 83.66 in (212.5 cm)
Take-off weight 127.87 lb (58 kg)


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