GAOTek Anemometer with Flow Velocity Measuring (High Accuracy)

This Anemometer with Flow Velocity Measuring (High Accuracy) is designed by built-in vane with diameter 65 mm and used to measure the air speed at the air outlet.




GAOTek Anemometer with Flow Velocity Measuring (High Accuracy) is designed by built-in vane with diameter 65 mm and used to measure the air speed at the air outlet. It holds the current reading with various measuring units. It has user friendly display with different indicators.  The indicators show Max and Min measured values. It has backlight which helps the user to measure without any difficulties.

Key Features

  • Hold button to freeze the readings
  • Backlight to help to operate the meter even at dark
  • Built in Ф 65 mm vane
  • Auto function

Technical Specifications

Sensor Plastic impellor NTC temperature Sensor
Range 0.4 m/s ~ 30 m/s
Measuring Units ft/min, m/s, km/h, mph, knots, Bft
Resolution  0.1 m/s
Accuracy  + (3% reading + 0.2 m/s)
Sampling Rate 0.5 s
 Display 4 digits LCD
 Power Supply 1 X 9 V, 6F22 battery
 Battery Life  70 hours with backlight off
 Operating Humidity  10 ~ 90 % RH Relative Humidity
 Storage Humidity  10 % ~ 75 % RH
 Sensor Cable Length  6.56 ft. (2 m) after Stretched
 Size 2.87 in x 6.10 in x 1.41 in  (73 mm x 155 mm x 36 mm)
 Weight  11.64 oz. (330 g) – battery Included
Storage Temperature  14 °F ~ 140 °F (-10 °C ~ +60 °C)
Operating Temperature  32 °C ~  122 °F (0 °C ~ + 50 °C)

Additional Information




b.Protective Cover



e.Battery Compartment


a.Air Velocity

b.Air Velocity Units

c.Max, Min Value

d.Hold the current reading

e.Battery indication


 [] Switch on or off

Switch on : Put in battery, press the button, it displays fully and it immediately ready for the measurement

Switch off: Automatically goes off in 10mins of idle time or by pressing the button[]

  • Switch on or off the backlight

Press this button to switch the backlight on or off. It goes off automatically after 10 secs of idle time. If backlight is used less then the battery power stay longer

  • [UNITS]Choose air Velocity units

Press this button to choose the desired unit. The available units are m/s, ft/min, km/h, mph and knots. The current unit will be reserved for the next measurement even after switching off the meter

Note: The Bft value will be displayed on the screen directly. The max value is 12. Please refer the maintenance table for the comparison of Bft and air velocity

  • [Max/Min] Displays the Max and Min Value

Press this button once to see the Max value. Press this button twice to see the Min value. Press it again to go to measurement mode.

  • [HOLD]: Hold the current reading

Press this button to freeze the current reading on the screen. Press again to go to measurement mode.

Operations Guide

Air Velocity Measurment

  • Switch on the device by pressing[] button
  • Choose the desired air velocity unit using [UNITS] button
  • Make sure the axle of the impellor is parallel with wind direction

Note : To avoid measuring error  keep the probe,  which has yellow stick,  against the air flow

Be sure that the angle between the axle and the wind direction  is no more than 20 oC

Battery Replacement

To maintain the measurement accuracy, please replace the battery when the low battery indicator  starts flashing on the display

  • Take off the protective cover carefully
  • Unscrew the battery cover from the back of the meter
  • Replace the new 9V, 6F22 battery after checking positive and negative poles
  • Put back the battery cover and protective cover

Note: If the device won’t be used for a long time please take the battery out. In case leakage it might cause the damage the device.

Take the used batteries to the collection point.

Send the unusable devices back to the manufacturer or dispose it in environmentally friendly way


Clean the surface of the device with a wet cloth or household cleaner.

Do not use any corrosive liquid on the device.

Force Wind (Knots) WMO Classification Appearance of Wind Effects
On the water On land
0 < 1 Calm Sea surface smooth and mirror-like appearance Calm smoke rises vertically
1 1-3 Light Air Scaly ripples, no foam Crests Smoke drift indicates wind direction, still wind wanes
2 4-6 Light Breeze Small wavelets, crests glassy, no breaking Wind felt on face, leaves rustle, vanes begin to move
3 7-10 Gentle Breeze Large wavelets, crests begin to break, scattered whitecaps Leaves and small twigs constantly moving, light flags extended
4 11-16 Moderate Breeze small waves 1-4 ft. becoming longer, numerous whitecaps Dust, leaves, and loose paper lifted, Small tree branches and Small trees in leaf begin to sway
5 17-21 Fresh Breeze Moderate Waves 4-8ft taking longer form, many whitecaps, some spray Small trees in leaf begin to sway


6 22-27 Strong Breeze Larger waves 8-13 ft, whitecaps common more spray Larger trees branches moving, whistling in Whole trees moving, feel resistance, walking against wind.
7 28-33 Near Gale Sea heaps up, waves 13-20 ft, white foam streaks off breakers Whole trees moving, resistance felt walking against
8 34-40 Gale Moderately high (13-20 ft) waves of greater length, edges of Crests begin to break into spindrift, foam blown in treaks Whole trees in motion, resistance felt walking against wind


9 41-47 Strong Gale High waves (20 ft), sea begins to roll, dense streaks of foam, spray may reduce visibility Slight structural damage occurs, slate blows off roofs


10 48-55 Storm Very high waves (20-30 ft) with overhanging crests sea white with densely blown foam, heavy rolling lower visibility Seldom experienced on land, trees broken or uprooted, “considerable Structural damage”


11 56-63 Violent Storm Exceptionally high (30-45 ft) waves, foam patches cover sea, low visibility


Widespread damage to vegetation. Many roofing surfaces are damaged; asphalt tiles that have curled up and/or fractured due to aging and  may break away completely
12 64+ Hurricane Air filled with foam, waves over 45ft, sea completely white with driving spray, visibility greatly reduced


Very widespread damage to vegetation. Some windows may break, mobile homes and poorly constructed sheds and barns are damaged. Debris may be hurled about


  • The device should be used to take measurement within the range and do not use it for other unspecified applications.
  • Do not use it in heavy dusty environment or store it with acid or other corrosive substances
  • Do not store or transport the device to environment where temperature is higher than the specified one.


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