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GAOTek Distribution Tight Buffer Optical Cable SM/MM 4-24 Fiber




GAOTek Distribution Tight Buffer Optical Cable SM/MM 4-24 Fiber contains several tight-buffered fibers bundled under the same jacket and with fiberglass rod reinforcement to stiffen the cables and prevent damage. It supports single mode and Multi-mode Fiber. The cables are light weight, soft and easy to peel-off. It is widely used in pigtails and jumpers for network communication equipment. Distribution Cables can be directly connected to optical equipment for the fibers. It is available in numbers of applications, including horizontal distribution, backbone and riser applications, patch cords, rack to rack links in equipment rooms and short run external inter-building links. Tight-buffered distribution cables are designed with different specifications to meet diverse indoor or outdoor applications.


  • Supports height strength along with yarn member.
  • Supports Single Mode and multi-mode Fiber.
  • They are soft cables which are easy to strip or peel-off.
  • Supports tight and buffered design with round construction.
  • Supports high strength rodent resistant yarn strength members for ease of handling.
  • Supports color coded fibers with LSZH jacket.
  • They are light weight and compact fiber cables.
  • Supports flexible, flame-retardant and color coded outer jacket.

Technical Specifications



Cable Count

Out Sheath Diameter Weight Minimum Allowable Tensile Strength (N) Minimum allowable Crush Load (N/ 100 mm)
(In/ mm) (lbs/kg) Short Term Long Term Short Term Long Term
02 0.11/ 3.0 1.98/ 0.9 15.00 600 200 1000
04 0.15/ 4.0 1.98/ 0.9 22.00 600 200 1000
06 0.15/ 4.0 1.98/ 0.9 23.00 600 200 1000
08 0.19/ 5.0 1.98/ 0.9 27.00 600 200 1000
10 0.19/ 5.0 1.98/ 0.9 30.00 600 200 1000
12 0.23/ 6.0 1.98/ 0.9 35.00 600 200 1000
24 0.32/ 8.3 1.98/ 0.9 46.00 600 200 1000
Minimum Bending Radius Short Term Long Term
7.87 in (200 mm) Φ 0.79 in (20 mm)
Storage Temperature 50 F/ 10 C

Additional Information


  • It can be adopted for indoor distribution.
  • Used as Optical communication cables for inside plant installations
  • Can be used as pigtail and patch cords of communication equipment.
  • Suitable for communication equipment served.
  • It can be also used as backbone in LANs.
  • Suitable for floor connection and premises wiring.

 Optical Characteristics

Multimode G.651 A1a:50/ 125

G.651 A1b:62.5/ 125

Graded-index fiber

Single mode

G.652 (A, B, C) B1.1: Conventional fiber
G.652D B2: Zero dispersion shifted
G.655 B1.2: Cut-off wavelength shifted
G.657 (A1, A2, B3) B4: Main technical data for positive dispersion shifted single-mode fiber


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