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GAOTek Fiber Optic LC APC Connector RJ45 Push Pull Style Housing


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GAOTek Fiber Optic LC APC Connector RJ45 Push Pull Style Housing offers a LC small form factor (SFF) field polished connector with rear pivot latch which is TIA/EIA-604 FOCIS-10 standard compatible. The fibers shall terminate in 1.25 mm ceramic ferrules with non-optical disconnect functionality. It provides the field terminable LC simplex and duplex connectors. It supports an average insertion loss of 0.1 dB per mated pair for multimode and single mode fiber. It is used in many data center applications, small LC connectors are replacing larger, older styles SC connectors, allowing more fiber ports per unit of rack space and higher data rate application such as 40-Gigabit Ethernet and 100-Gigabit Ethernet. These optical fiber connectors are mostly used in telephone central offices, at installations in customer premises, in factory/ plant applications to connect equipment and cables, or to cross-connect cables.


  • This fiber optic connector is TIA/EIA-604 FOCIS-10 and RoHS standards compliant.
  • It is half the size of standard connectors.
  • The connector supports RJ-style push-pull housing.
  • It also supports removable clips for both simplex and duplex connectors.
  • Supports angled and short boots for 1.6/2.0 mm cordage applications.
  • Supports pre-radius connectors for minimal polish.
  • It supports anti-snag latch for jumper and behind the wall (BTW).

Technical Specifications

Standard Requirement TIA/EIA-604 FOCIS-10 compatible;

Exceeds TIA/EIA-568-B.3 requirements

Fiber Compatibility 62.5/125 μm OM1,

50/125 μm OM2,

10 G 50/125 μm laser optimized OM3/OM4 and

9/125 μm OS1

Fiber Cable Type 900 μm tight-buffered fiber recommended 250 μm coated fiber, by using F250BT-C 250 micron fiber build-up tube kit or FO6CB or FO12CB fan-out kit
Jacketed Cable Size 0.06 in – 0.08 in (1.6 mm – 2.0 mm) jacketed cable
Ferrule Type Zirconium ceramic
Insertion Loss 0.1 dB average (multi-mode and single mode)
Return Loss > 20 dB (multi-mode)

> 40 dB (single mode)

Fiber Count 2
Fiber Parameters
Tight-Buffered Fiber Dimension 880 ± 50 μm
Material PVC
Color White
Simplex Cable Dimension 0.11 ± 0.003 in (2.9 ± 0.1 mm)
Material LSZH
Color Orange
Printing Marks <1>    <2>
Outer Jacket Dimension 0.16 in ±0.007 in (4.0 mm±0.2 mm) x 0.27 in ±0.007 in (7.0 mm±0.2 mm)
Material LSZH
Color Orange

Additional Information


  • Telecommunications Networks
  • Local Area Networks
  • Data Processing Networks
  • Device Terminations
  • Fiber-to-the-Home
  • Fiber-to-the-Desktop
  • Cable Television
  • Premises Distribution

Cable Specification

No. Items Unit Specification
1. Core Diameter mm 62.5±2.5
2. Cladding Diameter mm 125±1.0
3. Core Non-Circularity % ≤6.0
4. Cladding Non-Circularity % ≤2.0
5. Core-Cladding Concentricity Error mm ≤1.0
6. Coating Diameter mm 245±10
7. Cladding-Coating Concentricity Error mm ≤12.5
8. Effective Bandwidth (min.) 850 nm MHz.km ≥200
1300 nm ≥200
9. Attenuation 850 nm dB/km ≤3.5
1300 nm ≤1.5

 LC Simplex Connectors

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