GAOTek GBIC BIDI Transceiver GBICBD-104, up to 1.25 GB/s and 10km

The 1.25GB 1310/1550nm GBIC BIDI transceiver is used with Single-mode fiber to span up to 6.2 Miles (10Km).


Key Features

  • Compliant with SFF-8472
  • Up to 1.25Gb/s data links
  • FP laser transmitter for GAO-GBICBD-104
  • DFB laser transmitter for GAO-GBICBD-104
  • Up to 6.2 Miles(10Km) on 9/125µm SMF
  • GBIC footprint
  • BIDI SC/UPC type pluggable optical interface
  • Low power dissipation
  • Metal enclosure, for lower EMI
  • RoHS compliant and lead-free
  • Single +5V power supply
  • Case Operation Temperature range from 32°F to +158°F(0°C to +70°C)



Technical Specifications

Standard SFF-8472
Working Range Up to 6.2 Miles(10 Km)
Data rate 1.25Gb/s
Wavelength 1310~1550nm
Transmitter output optical Power -45dBm
Receiver Sensitivity -20dBm
Receiver Input Saturation Power(Overload) -3dBM
Supply Voltage 0-6V
Transmitter Differential Line Input Impedance 90-110Ω
Dimensions 2.2in*1.08in*0.46 in                                              (L 57.1mm*W 27.6mm*H 11.9mm)
Relative Humidity 5% to 95%
Storage Temperature -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C)
Case Operating Temperature 32°F to +158°F (0°C to 70°C)



PIN Descriptions:

Pin Symbol I/O Type Functional Description
1. RX_LOS Output Receiver Loss of Signal, Logic high, Open collector compatible 4.7K to 10K Ohm pulls up to VDDT on host.
2. RGND Receiver Ground
3. RGND Receiver Ground
4. MOD_DEF(0) Output Module Definition 0 TTL Low
5. MOD_DEF(1) Input Module Definition 1 Two wire serial ID interface SCL, 4.7K to 10K Ohm pull up to VDDT on host
6. MOD_DEF(2) I/O Module Definition 2 Two wire serial ID interface SDA, 4.7K to 10K Ohm pull up to VDDT on host
7. TX_DISABLE Input Transmitter Disable – Module disable on high or open (No Used)
8. TGND Transmitter Ground
9. TGND Transmitter Ground
10. TX_FAULT Output Transmitter Fault Indication, Logic high, open collector Compatible , 4.7K to 10K Ohm pull up to VDDT on host
11. RGND Receiver Ground
12. -RX_DAT Output Inverse Received Data Out, Differential PECL, at AC couple
13. +RX_DAT Output Received Data Out, Differential PECL, at AC couple
14. RGND Receiver Ground
15. VDDR Input Receiver Power
16. VDDT Input Transmitter Power
17. TGND Transmitter Ground
18. +TX_DAT Input Transmitter Data In, Differential PECL, AC couple
19. -TX_DAT Input Inverse Transmitter Data In, Differential PECL, AC couple
20. TGND Transmitter Ground

Electrical Interface Characteristics

Parameter Symbol Min Typ. Max Unit Note
Total Supply Current ICC A mA Note(1)
Transmitter Disable Input-High VDISH 2 Vcc+0.3 V
Transmitter Disable Input-Low VDISL 0 0.8 V
Transmitter Fault Input-High VDISL 2 Vcc+0.3 V
Transmitter Fault Input-Low VTxFH 0 0.8 V  
Total Supply Current Icc B mA Note(1)
LOSS Output Voltage-High VLOSH 2 Vcc+0.3 V LVTTL
LOSS Output Voltage-Low VLOSL 0 0.8 V

Note (1): A (TX) + B (RX) = 300mA (Not include termination circuit)


  • Switch to Switch Interface
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Switched Backplane Applications
  • Router/Server Interface
  • Other Optical Links



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