GAOTek Gloss Meter with Compact Design (Auto Calibration)

This Gloss Meter with Compact Design (Auto Calibration) comes with three measuring angles 20°, 60° and 85° and can be used in floor maintenance , surface cleaning quality control and so on.




GAOTek Gloss Meter with Compact Design (Auto Calibration) comes with three measuring angles 20°, 60° and 85° and can be used in floor maintenance , surface cleaning quality control and so on. It is widely used in floor maintenance, surface cleaning quality control, Stone and tile gloss measurement, checking printed matter, quality control of paint and ink, polished metal surface measurement. It provides large memory storage and stores the measurement data safe for further analysis, which can be transferred into computer through USB interface or PC software. It complies with international standards ASTMD523, ASTMD1455, ASTMC346, ASTMC584, ASTMD2457, DIN ENISO2813, DIN67530, ENISO7668, JISZ8741, MFT30064, TAPPIT480, GB9754, GB/T13891, GB7706 and GB8807. Its technical parameters conform to JJG696-2002.

Key Features

  • Accurate measurement, good repetitiveness.
  • Small in size, easy to carry.
  • Auto calibration.
  • Intelligent design, rapid measurement.
  • Able to store 254 groups of measurements.
  • Built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery.
  • Backlight display is suitable for low light environment.
  • Use USB/RS-232 data output to connect with PC.
  • Provides Bluetooth data output choice.

Technical Specifications

Measuring Angle 20°/60°/85°
Display 4 Digits Backlit LCD
Range 0.1 ~ 200 Gloss Units
Gloss Units GU
Accuracy ±1.0 GU
Resolution 0.1
Repeatability ±0.5 GU
Measuring Area 0.27 in x 0.55 in (7 mm x 14 mm) (Ellipse)
Data Memorized 254 Groups
Operating Temperature 32 °F ~ 104 °F (0 °C ~ 40 °C)
Humidity <  85% RH
Power Supply 3.7 V Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
Dimensions 5.5 in x 1.77 in x 2.95 in (140 mm x 45 mm x 75 mm)
Weight 10.75 oz. (305 g) (Including Batteries)

Additional Information

Standard Accessories Main Unit
Holder with Calibration Standard
AC Adapter
Optical Cleaning Cloth
Carrying Case
Operation Manual
Optional Accessories Cable and software for RS232C
USB Adaptor
Bluetooth Interface


  • Surface gloss measurement.
  • Paint, baking varnish, coating, printing ink and other coating materials.
  • Stone, ceramic tile, section bar and other building decoration materials.
  • Paper, Bamboo wood, plastic, film and so on.
  • Other kinds of metallic and non-metallic materials.


3-1 Display
3-2 Measuring key
3-3 Delete key
3-4 Read key
3-5 Power key
3-6 Angle conversion key
3-7 Calibration key


Press the key to power on the meter. To turn it off, just press this key again. This meter is powered with Lithium Battery. Use the battery adapter for charging.


  1. Press the “ANGLE key” to select the right measuring geometry.
  2. Lay the main unit into the holder with calibration standard of high gloss black tile.
  3. Take a reading by pressing the “MEAS key.”
  4. Compare the measured value with the value marked on the tile. If it matches the value on the tile holder, the instrument is within calibration and ready for use.

NOTE: If the measured value does not match the assigned value, just press the “CAL key.” It is necessary to inspect the condition of the calibration tile and instrument optics before each calibration.

Any dust or debris on the optic should be blown from the lenses using dry clean air; the optics must not be touched. If there are any permanent marks or scratches on the lenses, the instrument is no longer suitable for measuring and should be returned to an authorized service center. The calibration tile must be perfectly clean from smears and scratches before attempting calibration. Fingerprints and dust can be removed with the supplied optic cleaning cloth.


Remove the holder and lay the Measurement Aperture just against the position that you want to measure. Take a measurement by pressing the “MEAS key.” The reading on the Display Screen within 2 seconds is the gloss value of that position. Meanwhile the result is stored into memory automatically. When the instrument is placed on a sample the aperture is hidden, the center of the measurement area can be pinpointed by the intersection of the arrows marked on the front of the instrument case with those on the side


When taking measurements, all values will be stored automatically in memory and the number of stored reading is accordingly increased by 10.1. The gloss meter can store up to 254 groups of data with measurement conditions. If the memory is full, the tester will auto save the new reading and discard the oldest one. That means the tester only hold the last 254 groups of data in memory.


Under the measuring mode marked by ‘M’ on the display, press the “RD key” to enter into mode of viewing stored values marked by “R”. Press “RD key” or “CAL key” to recall stored values forwards and backwards. To return to the measurement state, just press any key other than “RD key” or “CAL key”.


In the measurement state marked by “M” on the display, the new reading can be deleted by pressing “DEL key”, and the number of stored reading is accordingly decreased by 1. To clear memory, just press and hold “DEL key” for 3 seconds till the number of stored reading becomes 000.


This meter can communicate with a PC by optional USB or RS232 cable and software. All the memorized data can download to your PC every time when in a measurement state marked by “MENS” when you press “RD key” to enter the viewing memorized state.


The instrument features an auto power off function designed to conserve battery life. If the tool is idle (neither measuring nor any key operation) for 30 minutes, it will turn itself off.


When the battery appears on the display, the instrument should be charged as soon as possible. The power adapter should be plugged into the power socket of the instrument. The power adapter should be connected to 100 ~ 220 V 50 Hz and charging of the battery will begin. Input voltage for power adapter is AC 100 ~ 220 V with DC 5 ~ 7 V of output, about 300mA of charging current, charging time of up to 5.0 hours. This instrument uses a lithium ion chargeable battery. Charging can be fulfilled at any time without affecting the normal operation of the instrument.


  • The holder removed from the main unit should be kept in a safe and clean place to prevent from damage or pollution.
  • While measuring please keep environment light from directly irradiating into the measurement aperture. If necessary, especially under strong light, shade it with a piece of light-tight cloth.
  • A big temperature difference between environment and meter would badly affect measuring accuracy. In such a case, please wait for a period of time till the temperature get to a balance and then calibrate the meter again.
  • If measurement operation lasts a long time, for example an hour or more, it is necessary to re-calibrate the meter.


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