GAOTek High Precision OTDR Optical Fiber Measurement Tool

This high precision otdr optical fiber measurement tool has <19.68 ft, <13.12 ft attenuation, 0.01 dB threshold loss, and 0.001 dB resolution loss.




  • Automatic Measurement Mode Only by selecting the measurement wavelength
  • Multi-wavelength Measurement Mode In the parameter setting
  • Multi-wavelength Analysis Function It can achieve the comparison display and analysis functions of any trace file
  • FT Tx online testing, able to identify the splitter and the fibre’s end
  • Large-capacity lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Connection State Detection to promptly know the connection status of the instrumentation and the fiber for test.


Technical Specifications

Wavelength (nm) 1310 nm or 1550 nm
Wavelength Accuracy (nm) ±20 nm
Dynamic (dB) 37 dB or 35 dB, 40 dB or 38 dB
Event DZ (m) <3.28 ft (1 m), <31.49 in (0.8 m)
Attenuation DZ (m) <19.68 ft (6 m), <13.12 ft (4 m)
Minimum Distance (m) 62.13 mi (100 m)
Maximum Distance (km) 248.5 mi (400 km)
Distance Resolution (m) 1.96 in (0.05 m)
Sampling Quantity 128000
Distance Accuracy ± (29.52 in (0.75 m) + 0.0002% x Distance + Sampling Resolution)
Loss Threshold (dB) 0.01 dB
Loss Resolution (dB) 0.001 dB
Linearity (dB/dB) 0.03 dB
Pulse Width (ns) 3 ns to 20,000 ns
Measurement Time (s) User defined
Memory Capacity >10 k
LCD TFT Touch Screen
Connector Type 0.09 in (2.5 mm) universal FC or PC, SC or PC
Interface USB (Principle and subordinate each), SD, RJ 45
Battery Rechargeable Lithium Battery, Charging <4 hrs, Operating time >10 hrs
Power Supply AC or DC Adapter, Input AC 90 V to 240 V ±10%, Output 12 V


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