GAOTek Industrial Thermal Camera

GAOTek industrial thermal camera has a OSD interface display with Custom character overlays and has a. Rich communication interfaces with small size, low power consumption. It has an Integrated Video Tracking and has a high image quality and scene adaptability.




  • High-resolution(1280 × 1024)
  • Integrated Video Tracking
  • High image quality and scene adaptability
  • No shutter (NUC) technology
  • On-line temperature measurement, false colour display
  • Support for external input video (picture-in-picture)
  • OSD interface display
  • Custom character overlays
  • Rich communication interfaces
  • Small size, low power consumption


Technical Specification

Working format Un-cooled 8μm to14μm
Resolution 1280 pixels × 1024 pixels
Size of pixel 12 μm
Emissivity correction Emissivity 0.01 to 1 adjustable
NETD ≤50 mk
MRTD ≤550 mK (under characteristic frequency)
Colour palette Black hot, white hot, pseudo colour
Digital zoom 2 X, 3 X, 4 X
Measurement range 0 ℉ to 116 ℉ (0 ℃ to 20 ℃)
Tracking index Data refresh rateTracking velocity

Target size

Environmental adaptation Working temperatureStorage temperature
Electrical interface Communication interfaceVideo Input

Video Output

Video storage

Power input


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