GAOTek Leak Detector for Halogenated Refrigerants (High Eff Pump)

This Leak Detector for Halogenated Refrigerants (High Eff Pump) detects the presence of gases in an area used as a component of a security framework and also used in oil rigs, and firefighting.




GAOTek Leak Detector for Halogenated Refrigerants (High Eff Pump) detects the presence of gases in an area used as a component of a security framework and also used in oil rigs, and firefighting. This type of equipment is used to detect a gas leak and interface with a control system so a process can be automatically shut down. This gas detector supports an alarm system which makes sound to operators in the area where the leak is occurring, giving them the opportunity to leave. This gas detector detects many gases that can be harmful to organic life.It is widely used in industry such as an oil rigs, to monitor manufacture processes and in firefighting.

Key Features

  • Detects all existing refrigerants
  • Equipped with flexible stainless sensor catering for all applications
  • High efficiency pump increases sensitivity
  • Enhanced electronic circuitry
  • Rapid warm up
  • Super sensitive, responds to minute traces of halogen gases
  • Exclusive scan mode increases sensitivity and quickens leak checking
  • LED Leak intensity indicators show relative leak size
  • High sensitivity and normal sensitivity mode switch
  • Portable recharge unit equip with re- charger

Technical Specifications

Gas Type  Refrigerant Gas
Response Time Instantaneous
Warm up time < 90 sec (25  °C,60 % RH)
Continuous Operation Time  5 hours
Sensitivity Less than 0.5 oz./year, for all halogen based refrigerants
Battery Indication 6.3 V ± 0.3 V
Operating temperature  32 F to 125.6 F ( 0℃ ~52 ℃)
Sensitivity adjustable  Yes
Leak Size Indication  Yes
Auto Warm up  Yes
Battery Indication  Yes
Power Indication  Yes
Overcharge / Over current Protection  Yes
Charging Status Indication  Yes
Dimensions 9.25 in x 3.38 in x 1.81 in (235 mm x 86 mm x 46 mm)
Weight 1.05 lbs (480 g)

Additional Information

Diagram Description:

  1. Speaker
  2. Charge status indicator
  3. Leak size indicator: More LED lights indicate larger leak size
  4. Power status indicator: when power indicator flashes in red means low battery
  5. Scan off normal slide switch
  6. Sensing Tip
  7. Flexible stainless probe
  8. Pump: reduces response time
  9. Battery compartment: Please unfasten the screws by screw-driver, open the battery door and install the rechargeable battery properly.


  1. Slide the switch to select scan or normal mode. Scam mode: high sensitivity, Normal mode: Normal sensitivity
  2. Waiting a moment so that the unit is warmed p until the Bi Bi sounds come out that indicate that the unit is ready for operation
  3. When approaching the leak source, the unit alarms. The more light-up LED accompany with the higher BP tick rate, the higher leakage level of a gas concentration.
  4. Sliding to OFF position will turn off the unit
  5. Flashing power LED in red LED indicates the low battery


The power LED flashing indicates the low battery and the battery need to be recharged.

Slide to OFF position, connect the adaptor to power supply and insert the plug of the adaptor into the hole of the unit. Red LED indicates that the recharging is still in process.


  1. Do not use the unit in windy environment (even a heavy leak cannot be found out in such an environment, for the wind may blow away the leak gas from the source). In such case, a segregated environment for the suspected for area should be built up
  2. The unit will alarm if there is a moisture or solvent on it. Please keep the unit for them during operation
  3. To guarantee the best results, turn the unit on in fresh air for warming up.



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