GAOTek Milli Ohmmeter Low Resistance Tester

GAOTek milli ohmmeter low resistance tester is a high precision DC resistance tester.




GAOTek milli ohmmeter low resistance tester is a high precision DC resistance tester. It can be used to detect coil, inductance, transformer, motor, relay contact resistance, connector resistance, fuse, cable resistance, printed circuit resistance, welding hole resistance, conductive film, metal flaw detection and so on. It is a low resistance tester with high speed, high precision and high performance. It can meet the quality assurance of production line, import inspection and laboratory measurement, and also can be applied to the test of automatic equipment.



  • New 32-bit core processor for superior data handling
  • 3 in (10.92 cm) true-color TFT display with 480 x 272 resolution
  • Directly saves test results to a U disk for convenience
  • High basic measurement accuracy of up to 0.05 %
  • Built-in comparator with HI, LO, and IN settings
  • Stores and recalls over 100 internal files, expandable via U disk
  • Software upgrades through USB HOST
  • U disk supports FAT16 and FAT32 file systems
  • Equipped with HANDLER, USB HOST, USB DEVICE, RS232C, and GPIB interfaces


Technical specification

Function Insulation resistance test, voltage test
Meas. Range 1 μΩ to 20 kΩ
Basic accuracy 0.05%
Reading 5 1 or 2 digit Maximum 1150000 Number display digits
Meas. Speed 4 time/second to 35 time/second
Meas. Mode Standard
Range mode Automatic or Hold or Manual selection
Trigger mode Internal or External
Delay time 0 ms to 9999 ms, step by 1 ms
Calibration FCN. Short circuit reset or Reset or Load correction
Temp. Meas. 14 °F to – 147.8 °F (- 10.0 ℃ to – 99.9 ℃), Sensor: PT 100, Accuracy: 32.36 °F (0.2 ℃)
Temp. Comp. FCN. Yes (resistance measured value converted to resistance value at set temp.)
Test terminal configuration Four terminals (2 detection terminals + 2 drive terminals) and external shield ground
Display mode Direct reading, Δ%
Range, Test Range 10 mΩ to 1000 MΩ, 12 ranges
Sorting 3 ranges, absolute value or percentage
Display 24 true colors, resolution of 4.3 in (10.92 cm) (480 × 272) TFT LCD
Storage U disk more than 500 groups
Size Upper frame size: 8.46 in x 3.4 in x 13.1 in (215 mm × 87 mm × 335 mm),Shape size: 9.2 in x 4.1 in x 14.1 in (235 mm × 105 mm × 360 mm)
Net weight 8.8 lb (4 kg)


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