GAOTek Mini Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter

The Mini Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter is a 10/100 Mbps adaptive fast Ethernet Media Converter which extends the transmission distance of a network from 328 ft (100 m) to 74.56 mi (120 km).



The GAOTek Mini Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter is a 10/100 Mbps adaptive fast ethernet media converter which extends the transmission distance of a network from 328 ft (100 m) via copper cables to 74.56 mi (120 km). It has other advantages such as isolation protection, good data security, working stability, and easy maintenance.  This media converter features a RJ45 support auto MDI/MDI-X function and auto-negotiation speed with half/full-duplex. Each port has a complete LED indicator light. It also has low power consumption; power is only 1 W when each port is working.


  • 1×100Base-FX to 1×10/100Base-TX Port
  • RJ45 support auto MDI/MDI-X function
  • Auto-negotiation speed with half/full-duplex
  • Each port has the complete LED Indicator light
  • Supports IEEE802.1d Spanning Tree
  • Supports high performance QoS function on each port
  • Flow control is fully supported
  • Supports broadcast storm protection
  • Wide-range redundant power design (4.5 V~20 V DC )
  • Supports max forwarding packet length 1552 bytes option
  • Requires no configuration and will instantly operate as soon as you power it up
  • Small volume, light weight
  • High-grade aluminum alloy shell with speedily heat dissipation
  • Low power consumption, power is only 1 W when each port is working

Technical Specifications

StandardIEEE802.3 10Base-T, IEEE802.3u 100Base-TX/FX, IEEE802.1q VLAN,

IEEE802.1p QoS, IEEE802.3x Flow control, IEEE802.1d Spanning Tree

Copper Port
Data Rate10/100M
Distance0 ft ~ 328 ft (0 m ~ 100 m)
UTP TypeUTP-5E or higher level
Fiber Port
Data Rate155 M
Optical wavelength850 nm/ 1310 nm/ 1490 nm/ 1550 nm
Distance0 mi ~ 74.56 mi (0 km ~ 120 km)
Processing TypeStore and Forward
MAC Table Size1K
Buffer Space448 bit
Maximum Packet Length1552 bytes
Time Delay< 150 μS
Input VoltageAC 100 V ~ 240 V 50 Hz/60 Hz
ConnectorDC Socket
Working Voltage5 V DC
Power Consumption0.7 W ~ 1.5 W
Storage Temperature-40 ˚F ~ 158 ˚F (-40 ˚C ~ +70 ˚C)
Operating Temperature14 ˚F ~ 131 ˚F (-10 ˚C ~ +55 ˚C)
Relative Humidity5 % – 95 % (No condensation)
Physical Characteristics
ColorMetal, Black
Weight0.11 lbs. (0.05 kg)
Dimension2.45 in x 1.66 in x 0.87 in (62.3 mm × 42.3 mm × 22 mm)

Additional Information


Ordering Information

RX Sen.


SC/STMM, Duplex-22~-12≤-301.24 mi
(2 km)
GAO-EMC-103B1310SC/FCSM, Duplex-15~-8≤-3712.42 mi (20 km)
GAO-EMC-103C1310SC/FCSM, Duplex-8~-3≤-3724.85 mi (40 km)
GAO-EMC-103D1310SC/FCSM, Duplex-3~0≤-3737.28 mi (60 km)
GAO-EMC-103E1550SC/FCSM, Duplex-8~-3≤-4049.70 mi (80 km)
GAO-EMC-103F1550SC/FCSM, Duplex-3~0 ≤-4062.13 mi (100 km)
GAO-EMC-103G1550SC/FCSM, Duplex0~3≤-4074.56 mi (120 km)
GAO-EMC-103B1T1310/ R1550SCSM, BI-DI-13~-8≤-3612.42 mi (20 km)
GAO-EMC-103B2T1550/ R1310SCSM, BI-DI-13~-8≤-3612.42 mi (20 km)
GAO-EMC-103C1T1310/ R1550SCSM, BI-DI-8~-3≤-3624.85 mi (40 km)
GAO-EMC-103C2T1550/ R1310SCSM, BI-DI-8~-3≤-3624.85 mi (40 km)
GAO-EMC-103E1T1310/ R1550SCSM, BI-DI-5~-3≤-3649.70 mi (80 km)