GAOTek Moisture Meter for Wood & Concrete (Data Hold)

This Moisture Meter for Wood & Concrete (Data Hold) is suitable in measuring moisture content of wood, timber, paper, bamboo, carton, concrete, metope and other materials.




GAOTek Moisture Meter for Wood & Concrete (Data Hold) is suitable in measuring moisture content of wood, timber, paper, bamboo, carton, concrete, metope and other materials. It uses electromagnetic waves (i.e., high-field energy) scanning technology to scan timber inside the band and display moisture value in one second. This can reflect the internal moisture content of the wood without any damage to the surface. This meter has more accurate results and mainly used to measure the moisture content of wood products.

Key Features

  • It is portable, compact and easy to use.
  • Instant Moisture measurement readings.
  • Digital display with back light gives exact and clear reading even in somber conditions.
  • Save time and expense by monitoring dryness and helps to prevent deterioration & decay caused by moisture whilst in storage, therefore processing will be more convenient and efficient.
  • The moisture meter operates by electrical resistance and has automatic temperature compensation.
  • Manual off at any time.
  • Auto power off after 5 minutes from last operation
  • Low battery alert.
  • Data hold function.

Technical Specifications

Display 4 digital LCD
Measuring range 0-70 %
Resolution 0.1
Accuracy ± 0.5% n
LCD Backlight Yes
Auto Power off 5 min
Data Hold Hold
Power supply 4 × 1.5 AAA size (UM-4) Battery
Dimensions 5.51 × 2.36 x 0.86 in (140 mm× 60 mm× 22 mm)
Weight 0.26 lb. (119 g)  (without batteries)
Code choice 10 kinds
Humidity 5 % – 100 % RH
Temperature 32 °F  to 140 °F(0 °C  to 60 °C )

Additional Information

Product Display Description


It is applicable in woodwork, paper making, flake board, furniture, building, timber traders and other relevant industry.

Operation procedures

  1. Turn on the power key, the symbol “0” will display. It will need zeroing if it displays other value. Please depress ZERO key while the probe sensor without touch anything, or zeroing is not efficient. Zeroing can decrease the effect from the temperature and humidity in the air.
  2. Hold the instrument in your hand, press the back sensor close to the testing material, the reading showed on display will be the result of the tested material moisture content. (when the back sensor is larger than the testing material, you can press the sensor aim to the material by its middle of surface.)
  3. Depress hold key: the symbol “Max” will be showed on display, then the max value must be stored on display when measuring process. Depress the hold key again, this function will be cancelled.
  4. Code choice: Depress FUN key and do not release until the CD00 is showed on display, through press “Δ” and “Δ↓” key to select the code, then depress FUN key to confirm it.
  5. Replace batteries: When battery symbol showed on display, it must replace the batteries in time. Slide the batteries cover, put the batteries into the hole correctly.

Warning setting

  1. Depressing key 3-9 and don’t release until “AL2” showed on display (it will take 5 seconds to complete operation), then press “Δ” or “Δ↓” key to choose your suitable value according to your needs, press FUN key again back to the operation state.
  2. Setting the “AL1” just the same ways as “AL2”.
  3. Usually, “AL2” must larger than “AL1”, if the “AL2” less than “AL1” during setting process, then the instrument will be returned back the factory setting, just to say, AL1=13, AL2=18.


Please take out the batteries if the instrument is not in use for a long time. Put the probe in the air without touching anything when zeroing, or the zeroing is not efficient. The penetrability of this meter is strong. If the testing materials is less than 50 mm, please hang it over in air when measuring.

Additional information

Weight 1.32 kg


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