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GAOTek MTP high density MTP/MTO cassette LGX format with Adapter Panel




GAOTek MTP High density MTP/MTO Cassette LGX Format with Adapter Panel is used in 12-strand single mode and multi-mode fiber which supports to divide 12/ 24 fibers MPO connector of the pre-assembled terminal end to the simplex or duplex standard connector. It adopts high quality engineering plastics and Aluminum alloy material, with electrostatic surface and is user-friendly. By using simplex or duplex patch cords, the output of the module can be directly linked to the equipment’s, frames or the client’s end.  These fiber adapters are quick and easy to install, flexible in configuring and are easy to manage.


  • Easy maintenance labels are installed on all module panels.
  • It supports high density with less field termination.
  • All module pre-assemblies are 100% tested.
  • MPO faceplates can be easily upgraded.
  • Supports both single-mode and multi-mode type of connections.
  • All the modules can be pre-installed into patch enclosures.

Technical Specifications

Optical Performance
Performance Single mode (APC Polish) Multi-mode (PC/ Flat Polish)
Type Standard Elite Low Loss Standard Elite Low Loss
Maximum Insertion Loss ≤0.75 dB ≤0.35 dB ≤0.60 dB ≤0.35 dB
Return Loss ≥50 dB N/A
Operating Temperature -40 °F to 176 °F

(-40 °C to 80 °C)

-40 °F to 176 °F

(-40 °C to 80 °C)

Test Wavelength 1310 nm 850 nm
SM MTP Elite 0.2 dB Typical (all fibers)
0.35 dB Max (single fiber)
>55 dB (8°angle polish)
SM MTP Standard 0.35 dB Typical (all fibers)

0.75 dB Max (single fiber)

>55 dB (8°angle polish)
SCAPC 0.25 dB >65 dB
LCAPC 0.3 dB >65 dB
MTRJ 0.5 dB >35 dB
Rear Connector 2 MTP -12 Fibers
Front Connector 12 LC Simplex or Duplex
Fiber Count 12 or 24
Number of Adapters per Panel 24
Adapter Type Front Shuttered LC
Fiber Type Single Mode and Multimode
Weight 1 lbs (0.45 Kg) fibers – Total 12 fibers


Additional Information

Modular Diagram

 Ordering Guide

Model Number Fiber Type Information
GAO-FOCAP-102-A12 SM MTP(male) to SC (12ch) Cassette, 9/125
GAO-FOCAP-102-B12 SM MTP Elite (Male) to SC (12ch) Cassette, 9/125
GAO-FOCAP-102-C12 SM MTP(male) to LC (12ch) Cassette, 9/125
GAO-FOCAP-102-D12 SM MTP Elite to LC (12ch) Cassette, 9/125
GAO-FOCAP-102-E24 SM Two MTP 12 F Elite (male) to LC (24ch) Cassette, 9/125
GAO-FOCAP-102-F12 MM MTP(male) to SC (12ch) Cassette, 62.5/125
GAO-FOCAP-102-G24 MM Single MTP (24F male) to LC (24ch) Cassette, 62.5/125
GAO-FOCAP-102-H12 MM MTP(male) to SC (12ch) Cassette, 50/125



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