GAOTek Network Speed Tester with Optical Test Meter

This network speed tester is a portable device designed for optical network speed testing and offers the function a visual fault locator as well.


The GAOTek Network Speed Tester with Optical Test Meter is a compact, light weight instrument designed for optical network speed testing which supports precise multi-wavelength measurement. It additionally serves the function of a visual fault locator. This meter has both WAN and LAN ports to support the internal and external network connect. The visual fault locator offers test wavelength of 650 nm and supports both SM and MM fiber. The device is easy to operate with features such as Bluetooth, USB charging, and OTG reverse charging.

Key Features

  • Hand-held design, compact and lightweight
  • Multi functions, optical power meter, VFL, Bluetooth, USB charging and OTG reverse charging, Network speed testing functions.
  • WAN & LAN Port, support both internal and external network connect
  • 3 seconds to power on or power off the tester.
  • 5 inch LCD Display, 20 digit keypad
  • 8200 mAh polymer battery and the max power reach 3w,and standby time reach 27 hours.
  • Bluetooth 4.0, support to connect with Android 4.3+Mobile phone, and other OS mobile phone
  • Optical power testing, support Multi-wavelength precise measurement
  • Absolute power measurement of dBs or xW
  • Relative power measurement of dB
  • Visual Fault Locator:650 nm,support both SM and MM fibre
  • Network speed testing range can reach 1000M

Technical Specifications

General specifications
Display 3.5 inch LCD
Keypad 20 digit
Working temperature 32 oF~ 104 oF (0 ℃ ~ +40 ℃)
Storage temperature 14 oF~104 oF(-10 ℃ ~ +40 ℃)
Weight 0.98 lbs.(447 g)
Dimension 7.12 in x 3.42 in x 1.77 in (181 mm x 87 mm x 45 mm)
Battery 3.8V, 8200 mAh polymer battery
Relative humidity  20 %~75 %(Non-condensation)
Optical power meter module
Wavelength range 800 nm~1700 nm
Detector type Inga As
Measurement range -50 dBm~+26 dBm, -70 dBm~+10 dBm
Uncertainty ±5 %
Resolution 0.01 dBm
 Adapters FC, ST, SC
Visual  fault locator module
Wavelength 650 nm±20 nm
Output power 1mw/3mw/10mw/20mw (optional)
Connector 2.5 mm universal adapter(SC, FC, ST)
Working mode CW or 2 Hz modulation
Applicable fiber SM/MM
Specification Bluetooth 4.0
Feature Support to connect with Android  4.3+Mobile phone and other OS mobile phone
Charging and reverse charging
Charging Current 1 A
Network Speed test
Testing range 0~1000 M


  • It is used to identify breaks or macro bends in the optical fiber
  • It is used to identify a poor fusion splice in multi mode and single mode optical fiber



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