GAOTek Pen-Type Visual Fault Locator

This visual fault locator is a pen sized device which serves the function of fiber identification and faults locator for SM or MM fiber.



The GAOTek Pen-Type Visual Fault Locator performs the function of fiber identification and fault locator of SM or MM fiber. It is a helpful assistant to the dead zone of OTDR. It also acts as a basic maintenance tool for fiber networks, LAN, ATM fiber systems, and telecom network systems. Additionally, it features a powerful battery which can operate for over 60 hours.

Key Features

  • Support CW and 2 Hz modulation work mode
  • Solid: use special laser end design to avoid damage when dropping on the floor.
  • Long working hours: Use effective laser drive circuit to ensure 1mW/650nm locator can work more than 60 hours continuously.
  • Stable power output: use special laser driver circuit, which can ensure stable power output in the low battery.
  • 098 in universal adapter

Technical Specifications

Wavelength  650 nm ± 10 nm
Light Source  FP-LD laser
Output Power  1 mW, 3 mW, 10 mW, 20 mW (optional)
Approx. test range  

1.87 mi (3 km) (1 mW), 3.1 mi (5 km) (3 mW), 6.21      mi (10 km) (10 mW), 9.32 mi (15 km) (20 mW)


0.0984 in (2.5 mm) universal adapter

0.049 in (1.25 mm) connector optional

Working mode  CW or 2 Hz modulation
Operating temperature  32 °C  to 104 °C (0 °C to 40 °C)
Storage temperature  -13 °C  to158 °C  (-25 °C to 70 °C)
Power  2 pcs AA battery
Working hours  ≥ 60 (1 mW)
Weight  0.220 lbs (excluding batteries)
Dimension  1.18 in x 7.28 in (30 mm x 185 mm)

Additional Information