GAOTek Portable High Performance Spectrum Analyzer

This handheld, lightweight Spectrum Analyzer is designed to locate, analyse and map the signal interference and is very useful for wireless communication field engineers to characterize the signal environment.





GAOTek High Performance Spectrum Analyzer combines the functionalities of 100 kHz to 3 GHz spectrum analyser, wireless communication signal power tester, interference signal analyzer and RF signal analyzer. The wireless spectrum is shared among different communication systems like mobile communications and mobile radios and in addition to licensed systems, the spectrum is also shared with unlicensed transmitters and signal impairments such as reflections and fading. The combination of all these signals creates a very complex environment which must be first cleared and routinely monitored in order to maximize service performance. These Spectrum Analyzers are used to accurately characterize the signal environment in addition to clearing, detecting, identifying and locating signal interference.


  • Quickly identifies, locates and maps signal interference.
  • Performs comprehensive signal analysis for complete site profile and monitoring of signal environment.
  • Occupied Bandwidth, Channel Power and ACPR.
  • Dual spectrum and spectrogram measurements.
  • Verify RF transmission.
  • Handheld, lightweight, rugged design that withstands harsh environments and lighting conditions.
  • Intuitive menu structure enables ease of use and quick measurements.


  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Channel Power
  • Occupied Bandwidth (OBW)
  • Adjacent Channel Leakage Ratio (ACLR)
  • Field Strength
  • FM/AM

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range 9 kHz – 3.0 GHz
Tuning Resolution 1 Hz
Aging <± 1.0 ppm/yr
Frequency Span


1 kHz to 3 GHz in 1-2-5 sequence (auto-mode) and 0 Hz (zero span)
Resolution Bandwidth (RBW) 10 Hz to 3 MHz in 1-3 sequence (auto or manually selectable)
Video Bandwidth (VBW) 10 Hz to 1 MHz in 1-3 sequence (auto or manually selectable)
Spectral Purity (Phase Noise)
Dynamic Range > 85 dB
Measurement Range DANL to maximum safe input level
Maximum Safe Input +30 dBm (peak power, input attenuation > 15 dB), 50 V DC
Amplitude Accuracy ≤ ± 1.0 dB
Attenuator Range 0 dB to 55 dB in 5 dB steps
Displayed Average Noise Level (DANL)
(Input terminated, RBW = 10 kHz, Attn = 0 dBm, Sample Detector)
Pre-amp Off ≤ -142 dBm, typical (1 MHz – 1 GHz)

≤ -138 dBm, typical (1 GHz – 3 GHz)

Pre-amp On ≤ -155 dBm, typical (1 MHz – 1 GHz)

≤ -151 dBm, typical (1 GHz – 3 GHz)

RF In Type N, 50Ω
USB host Type A, 1-Port (connect flash drive for data transfer)
USB client 5-pin mini-B (connect to PC for data transfer)
LAN 10 M/100 M  LAN Port
Type / Size TFT LCD / 6.5” (640 x 480)
Data Storage
Internal 1 GB, > 2000 saved measurement files
External limited by size of USB flash drive
Type Li-Ion, 11.1 V, 5.2 AH
Operation > 4.5 hours, continuous; 8.0 hrs, idle
Operational Temperature 14 °F to 131 °F (-10 °C to + 55 °C)
Storage Temperature -4 °F to 167 °F (-20 °C to + 75 °C)
Shock Mil-PRF-28800 F Class 2
Size and Weight
Size 10.2 in x 6.8 in x 2.9 in (258 mm x 173 mm x 74 mm)
Weight 4.85 lbs (2.2 kg)
AC Power
AC Adapter Output AC Adapter Output 15-19 VDC
AC Adapter Input AC Adapter Input 100 – 240 V

AC, 50-60 Hz

Additional Information

  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • AC-DC adapter
  • Vehicle Plug-in lighter adapter
  • 5 m RF Test Port Cable, N(m), 6 GHz
  • Soft carry case
  • Measurement Center Software CD-ROM with Users-Manual

Optional Accessories

Precision Adapters

RF Test Port Cable, Armored, 1.5 m, N (m) to N (f), 18 GHz, 50 Ω

RF Test Port Cable, Armored, 1.5 m, N (m) to 7/16 DIN (f), 18 GHz, 50 Ω

RF Test Port Cable, Armored, 1.5 m, N (m) to 7/16 DIN (f), 18 GHz, 50 Ω

RF Test Port Cable, Armored, 3.0 m, N (m) to 7/16 DIN (f), 18 GHz, 50 Ω

RF Test Port Cable, Armored, 3.0 m, N (m) to 7/16 DIN (m), 18 GHz, 50 Ω


10 W, 6 dB, DC-6 GHz, N (f) to N (m)

50 W, 30 dB, DC-6 GHz, N (f) to N (m)

100 W, 40 dB, Bi-Directional, DC-18 GHz, N (f) to N (m)


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