GAOTek Professional Camera Drone

This Professional Camera Drone has a flight time of 25 mins, an image transmission distance of 3.28 ft (600 m) and it is remote controlled.




  • GPS returns to take-off point with low power and no signal
  • GPS Intelligent Following: 1. After the aircraft links the GPS, it opens the APP Following function, and the aircraft follows the mobile phone. 2.Image Following: Recognize the shooting object and follow the flight automatically
  • Gesture photography and recognition: within 1-3 m from the aircraft, make photographic gesture/photographic gesture in front of the camera
  • Route multi-point planning flight: The aircraft autonomously flies according to the pre-set route, and the player concentrates on shooting
  • Fixed-point surround: Find the center of the surround, and then move the desired surround radius through the rocker
  • Track and recall the drone: Click on the GPS signal icon three times, and open the map interface, the map shows the final distance of the aircraft, longitude, and latitude position
  • Photo and Video Sharing: Photos can be shared singly or selectively, and videos can only be shared individually at a time.


Technical Specification

Function Headless mode, Altitude Hold Mode, With Camera, With LED lights, with G-sensor, One Key Takeoff / Landing, APP Control, Voice control, With Remote Control, Without Remote Control, Foldable
Material Plastic, Aluminum/Alloy
Operator Skill Level Beginner
Control Type Remote control
Image Transmission Distance 3.28 ft (600 m)
Flight Time 25 mins
Private Mold Yes
Indoor Hover Yes


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