GAOTek Sound Spectrum Analyzer

This Sound Spectrum Analyzer has ±0.1 dB accuracy, 142 dB measurement range48 kHzsampling frequencyand 10 Hz to 20 kHz frequency range.




  • Handheld noise measurement tool
  • Versatile sound level meter for various analyses
  • 240 pixels × 320 pixels color screen for clear data visualization
  • Measurement ranges up to 142dB
  • Simultaneous integration, analysis, and dosimeter functions
  • Complies with IEC and ANSI Class 1 standards
  • Sound meter with a built-in spectrum analyzer
  • Supports English and Spanish languages for user convenience


Technical Specifications

Microphone and preamplifier ½ in prepolarized condenser microphone and Preamplifier
(Sensitivity Level: -28dB)
Preamplifier AWA14601 removable preamplifier type 1
Frequency Range 10 Hz to 20 kHz ±1 dB (not including microphone)
Total Measurement Range Low range: 20 dBA to 132 dBA, 25 dBC to 132dBC, 30 dBZ to 132 dBZ
High range: 30 dBA to 142 dBA, 35 dBC to 142dBC, 40 to 142dBZ
Self-generated Noise <12 dB(A), 17 dB(C), 22 dB(Z)
Frequency Weighting Parallel (simultaneous) A, C, Z, B, D, user1&2defined weighting
Time Weighting Parallel (simultaneous) F, S, I, Peak
Measurement Parameters Lxyp, Lxyi, Lxeq,1s, Lxeq,T, LAE, E, Cpeak, LAFmax, LAfmin, LAfeqT, LAseqT, LAieqT.
Note: X is A, C, Z and Y is F, S, I
A/D Bits 24 bits
Sampling Frequency 48 kHz
Calibration Using Sound Calibrator Class 1:IEC60942:2003 or IEC 60942:2017
Correction Function Press field correction in order to comply with standards ANSI S1.4
Delay Time The meter can delay 0s to 99s after pressing start measuring button
Back Erase Function Elimination of undesired noise; example barking dogs, cars, doors
Display 240pixels ×320 pixels color screen, adjustable brightness, backlight can be closed
Display Resolution 0.1 dB
Low battery indication Symbol indicate low battery
Print Mini printer
Internal Clock Error less than 1 min per month
Output Interface AC Output (full scale): 1.0V AC RMS; Output Impedance: 1kΩ; Connector: φ0.13 in(3.5 mm) stereo plug
DC Output: 20mV/dB; Output Impedance: 1kΩ; Connector: DB-9 plug
RS232 Interface: To computer for output some measurement results instantaneous values, also to mini printer for printing
Transmission speed: 4800 bps, 9600 bps,115200 bps
USB Interface: available and no need device drive.
Allow USB to be controlled via communication commands
Power Supply 4×LR6 alkaline battery or rechargeable batteries
5 V external power supply
Battery Life Longest time of 30 hours continuously with 4×LR6 battery
EMC Type X
Environment  Working Temperature: 14 ℉ to 122 ℉(-10 °C to 50 °C)
Storing Temperature: -4 ℉ to 158 ℉(-20 °Cto 70 °C)
Relative Humidity: 25% to 90%
Dimension 10.24 in x 3.15 in x 1.18 in (260 mm x 80 mm x 30 mm)
Weight 0.77 lb (350 g)


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