GAOTek Spectrum Analyzer with Wide Frequency Range (High Accuracy)

This spectrum analyzer offers greater accuracy compared to existing portable spectrum analyzers, featuring a resolution bandwidth smaller than 500kHz.



Key Features

  • 5 inches large high-definition screen
  • Sleek and vivid structural design
  • Light-Weight, compact, easy to carry
  • Offers 6600mAh large-capacity rechargeable battery for continuous work.
  • Shares similar interface with other top spectrum analyzers
  • Offers better specifications than existing portable spectrum; suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Technical Specifications

Spectrum Measurement
Range 9kHz~2.6GHz
Resolution 1Hz
Accuracy ±(Frequency Marker Readout*Frequency    Reference Accuracy +1%*Span +10%*RBW+0.5*[Span/(Sweep Points-1)]+1Hz)
Internal Reference(10MHz) Aging Rate <1ppm/year
Stability Over Temperature  <0.5ppm(15℃ ~ 35℃)
Resolution Bandwidth (RBW)
Range 10Hz~3MHz, Customized down    to: 1Hz~10Hz
Electability(60dB/3dB) RBW≤500kHz ;<5:1 Typical (Digital    implementation, next to Gaussian shape);
<5%  Typical
Accuracy RBW≤500kHz  ; <5% Typical
Video Bandwidth 10Hz~3MHz
Average Noise Level (1Hz RBW, 0dB RF Attenuator )
Preamplifier Off 100kHz~1MHz:<-100dBm-3×(f/100kHz)dB
Preamplifier On 100kHz~1MHz:<-120dBm-3×(f/100kHz)dB
Phase Noise(fc=500MHz
Offset 30kHz -90dBc/Hz
Offset 100kHz -100dBc/Hz
Offset 1MHz -110dBc/Hz
Sweep Time
Span  (100Hz≤SPAN≤3.6GHz) 10ms to 3000s
Zero Span 1ms to 3000s
Sweep Modes Continuous, Single
Trigger Source AUTO,Video,EXT
Offset 100kHz 5V TTL Level (Typical )
Frequency Counter
Resolution 1Hz,10Hz,100Hz,1kHz
Uncertainty Frequency Readout x    Frequency Reference Progress + Counter Resolution
Amplitude Accuracy (20℃~30℃)
Overall     Amplitude Accuracy(90%) ±1.5dB
Input Signal Range:  -50dBm ~ 0dBm
Max. Safe Input     Level Average Continuous Power:    +27dBm
Max. Input DC Voltage 50Vdc
Input Attenuator     Range 0~39dB, in 3dB step
1dB     Compression +7dBm
Internal Memory 128MB
Residual Response
Third-Order Intercept(TOI) >30MHz:﹢13dBm
Second Harmonic Intercept(SHI) +30dBm
Input Related Spurious <-60dBm
Residual Response <-85dBm
Tracking Generator (Optional)
Frequency Range 100kHz to 1.5GHz
Output Power -30dBm ~ 0dBm, in 1dB step
Output Flatness ±3dB
RF Input N Type, Female (50Ω)
USB USB Host,USB Device
LAN 10/100 Base-T, RJ-45    Connector
AM/FM Demodulation Headset
Reference Input/Output 10MHz, BNC Female, Input: 0dBm ~  +10dBm;Output: 0dBm±2dB
General     Characteristics
Power Li-ion Battery: 7.4V 6600mAh
DC Adapter: 100~240VAC    50/60Hz 1.5A
Display 6.5 Inches(165mm)  TFT     LCD,  VGA (640×480)
Product Color Red and Grey
Product Net Weight 3.0 Kg
Product Size (W×H×D) 182mm × 288mm ×142mm(7.4in * 11.3 in* 5.5in)
Standard Accessories DC Adapter,N/SMA Convertor,N/BNC Convertor, RF Cable,    Antenna
Standard Individual Packing Gift Box, English Manual,    Warranty Card
Standard Quantity Per Carton 1 PC
Standard Carton Measurement
400mm × 280mm × 220mm(15.7in * 11.02in * 8.6 in)
Standard Carton Cross Weight 3.9 Kg