GAOTek Transceiver Tunable SFP+

This Transceiver Tunable SFP+ has a max transmitter output power of 3.0 dBm, a max power consumption of 1.5 Wm and a distance of 49.71 mi.



Technical Specifications

Speed 10 Gigabit Ethernet
Transceiver Type SFP+
Product Type Optical Transceiver
Connector Duplex LC
Monitoring Available Yes
Digital Optical Monitoring Yes
Standard 10 GBASE-ZR
Standards compliance (Ethernet or OTN Standard, for e.g. 100 GBASE-LR4) Multivendor agreement
NEBS (Yes or No) Yes
Transmitter wavelengths (range) 1528.38 nm through 1568.77 nm (tunable)
Transmitter output power, each lane (minimum) -1.0 dBm
Transmitter output power, each lane (maximum) 3.0 dBm
Receiver input power, each lane (minimum) -24.0 dBm (9.95 Gbps, 10.312 Gbps, and 10.709 Gbps, BER <1 X 10-12, no FEC) -25.0 dBm (11.049 Gbps and 11.095 Gbps, BER <1 X 10-6, pre-FEC)
Receiver input power, each lane (maximum) -7.0 dBm
Cable type SMF
Distance 49.71 mi (80 km)
Maximum Power consumption 1.5 W
Digital Diagnostic Monitoring


Tx power

Rx power

Bias current

Case temperature

Power supply voltage

Core size, cladding 9 μm or 125 μm
Operating Temperature (range) 32 ℉ to 158 ℉ (0 ℃ to 70 ℃)
Storage temperature -49 ℉ to 176 ℉ (-45 ℃ to 80 ℃)



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