GAOTek Water Quality Meter

This multi-parameter follows GLP practice and can store 2200 sets of measuring data. It has three measurement modes continuous, timing, and balance mode.




GAO Tek’s well-constructed water quality meter is designed to provide zero oxygen and full scale
calibration. It contains three measurement modes which are continuous measuring, timing measuring,
and balance measuring mode. This device can be used to provide the measurements of the pH, pX, ORP,
ion concentration, conductivity, resistivity, TDS, salinity, dissolved oxygen, saturation, and temperature
at the same time. Moreover, this meter also offers many ion modes such as H+, Ag+, Na+, K+, NH4+, Cl-, F-, NO3-, BF4-, CN-, Cu2+, Pb2+, and Ca2+. The users can define ion modes by themselves if choosing corresponding ion sensors. The instrument is designed to follow the GLP practice and can store 2200 sets of measuring data. Measuring data can be viewed, printed, deleted, or transferred to a PC via an RS-232 and USB interface. GAO Tek’s water quality meter also features a 5.7 inch (144.78 mm) large
touch screen with English operating systems that allows users to view current measuring data and the
last calibration data.

Key Features

  • RS-232 and USB ports
  • Easy to use
  • Three measurement modes: continuous measuring, timing measuring, and balance measuring mode
  • 5.7 inch (144.78mm) large touch screen

Technical Specifications

Measuring range pH/pX: (-2.000~19.999) pH/pX ORP: (-1999.99~1999.99)mV Conductivity: 0.000μS/cm~199.9mS/cm Resistivity: 0.00Ω.cm~20.00MΩ.cm T D S:0.000 mg/L~19.99g/L Salinity: (0.0~8.00)% Dissolved oxygen concentration: (0.00~19.99)mg/L Dissolved oxygen saturation: (0.0~199.9)% Ion: (0~19990),unit: ug/L、mg/L、g/L、mol/L、mmol/L Temperature:23 to 275°F(-5~135℃)
Resolution pH/pX: 0.01、0.001pH O R P: 0.1/0.01 mV Conductivity: 0.001μS/cm Resistivity: 0.01 Ω.cm T D S:0.001 mg/L Salinity: 0.1 % Dissolved oxygen :0.01mg/L Saturation:0.1% Temperaute:32.18°F(0.1℃)
Accuracy pH/pX:±0.002pX±1 pH/pX:±0.002pX±1 digit ORP: ±0.03%FS Conductivity: ±0.5%FS Resistivity:±0.5%FS T D S:± 0.5%FS Salinity: ±0.1% Ion concentration: ±0.5%±1 digit Dissolved oxygen:±0.50mg/L Dissolved oxygen saturation:±10.0% Temperature:±32.9°F(±0.5℃±1 digit)
Input impedance >3×1012Ω
Dissolved oxygen response time <=45s(90%respond at 68°F (20°C )
Automatic temperature range pH:32 to 212°F(0~100℃) Conductivity: 32 to 212°F(0~100℃) Dissolved oxygen :32 to 104°F(0~40℃)
Power DC(9V DC,800mA,inside-positve and outside-negative)
Dimension 9.84 x 7.68 x 3.94 in (250×195×100mm)
Weight 4.41 lbs (2kg)