GAOTek XENPAK CWDM Transceiver XKCW-103, 10Gb/s and 10km

This 10Gigabit 1270~1450nm CWDM(Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing) XENPAK Transceiver is used with single-mode optical fiber to reach up to 6.21 miles (10km) transmission distance


Key Features:

  • Up to 6.21 miles (10km) transmission distance
  • 1270~1450nm uncooled CWDM DFB LD transmitter and PIN receiver
  • Hot Z-Pluggable
  • XAUI Electrical Interface has 4 transmit and receive Lanes operates at a rate of 3.125Gbit/s
  • MDIO, DOM Support
  • SC-Duplex Optical Receptacle
  • Compliant to IEEE 802.3ae 10GBASE-LR Application
  • Compliant to XENPAK MSA
  • Case Operating Temperature Range from 32 °F to 158 °F (0°C to 70°C)



Technical Specifications:

Working RangeUp to 6.21 miles (10km)
Standards10GBASE-LR as per IEEE 802.3ae.


RoHS complaint.

Class 1 Laser Product.

Data rate10Gb/s
TransmitterCWDM DFB LD
Fiber typesingle-mode
Optical Output Power-5 dBm to +0.5 dBm
Receiver Sensitivity-14.4 dBm
Supply Voltage3.3V, 1.2V
Maximum Power Consumption4W
Baud rate3.125 Gbit/s
Digital Optical MonitoringEnabled
Dimensions4.76in x 1.42in x 0.46in (L 121mm x  W36mm x  H 11.6mm)
Relative Humidity5% to 95%
Storage Temperature-40 °F to 185 °F (-40°C to 85°C)



Ordering Information:

Product IDMediaWavelengthTransmission DistanceTemperature RangeSupply Current


Single-mode fiber1270~1450nm6.21miles (10km)32°F to 158°F (0°C to +70°C)1.0   A (ICC1)

1.7 A (ICC2)

Product Selection:

WavelengthClasp Color code
1270 nmGray
1290 nmGray
1310 nmGray
1330 nmPurple
1350 nmBlue
1370 nmGreen
1390 nmYellow
1410 nmOrange

Electrical characteristics:

Supply VoltageVCC13.1353.3003.465V
Supply VoltageVCC21.1521.2001.248V
Supply CurrentICC11.0A+3.3V
Supply CurrentICC21.7AAPS
Power ConsumptionPDS4.0W
Power supply stabilization timeTDF500ms
Initialization TimeTINIT5S
RESET Assert TimeTRESET1ms
Hold Time after rising edge of RESETTHOLD500ms

Optical Characteristics:

Average Optical Output PowerPout-5+0.5dBm
Optical  WavelengthλCX-6.5XX+6.5nm
Signaling speed10.3125Gbit/s
Optical Extinction RatioER3.5dB
Average Launch power of transmitterPOFF-30dBm
Side Mode Suppression RatioSMSR30dB
Signaling speed variation from nominal-100+100ppm
Receiver SensitivityRSENS-14.4dBm
Average Receiver OverloadRro0.5dBm
Optical Centre WavelengthλC12701610nm
Los D-AssertROSd-18dBm
Los AssertROSa-32
Los Hysteresis0.5dB

CMOS Interface characteristics:

Input High VoltageVIH0.841.5V
Input Low VoltageVIL-0.30.36V
Input Pull-down CurrentIIn2040120µAVih=1.2V
Output High VoltageVOH1.0VPull-up=10k

ohm to 1.2V

Output Low VoltageVOL0.2V
Pull up ResistanceRLASI1022K ohm
Load CapacitanceCLoad320pF

XAUI Driver characteristics:

Baud Rate3.125Gbit/s
Baud Rate Tolerance-100+100ppm
Differential Amplitude8001600mVPPAC, near-end value

MDIO Bidirectional Interface characteristics:

Input High VoltageVIHM0.841.5V
Input Low VoltageVILM-0.30.36V
Output High VoltageVOHM1.01.5V
Output Low VoltageVOLM-0.30.2V
Pull up ResistanceRMDIO200Ohm1
MDC min high/low timeTHM,TLM160ns
MDC Frequency1/TCKTBD2.5MHz
Setup timeTDIS10ns
Hold timeTDIH10ns
MDIO output delay after rising edge of MDCTPD0300ns
Input CapacitanceCi10pF
Bus LoadingCL470pF


  1. The maximum value of RMDIO depends on bus loading (CL), input capacitance (Ci), and MDC frequency (1/TCK).

XENPAK Transponder Electrical Pad Layout:

Pin Configuration:

1GNDISupplyElectrical ground
2GNDISupplyElectrical ground
3GNDISupplyElectrical ground
7APSISupplyAdaptive Power Supply
8APSISupplyAdaptive Power Supply
9LASIOOpen DrainLink Alarm Status Interrupt. 10-22k ohm pull up on host.
10RESETI1.2V CMOS                 TX OFF when MDIO RESET
11VEND SPECIFICVendor Specific Pin. Leave unconnected.
12TX ON/OFFI1.2V CMOSTransmitter ON/OFF
13RESERVED                         Reserved
14MOD DETECTOPulled low inside module through 1k Ohm
15VEND SPECIFICVendor Specific Pin. Leave unconnected.
16VEND SPECIFICVendor Specific Pin. Leave unconnected.
17MDIOI/OOpen DrainManagement Data IO
18MDCI1.2V CMOS                   Management Data Clock
19PRTAD4I1.2V CMOS        Port Address bit 4 (Low=0)
20PRTAD3I1.2V CMOSPort Address bit 3 (Low=0)
21PRTAD2I1.2V CMOSPort Address bit 2 (Low=0)
22PRTAD1I1.2V CMOSPort Address bit 1 (Low=0)
23PRTAD0I1.2V CMOSPort Address bit 0(Low=0)
24VEND SPECIFICVendor Specific Pin. Leave unconnected
25APS SETOFeedback output for APS
26RESERVEDReserved for Avalanche Photodiode use
27APS SENSEOAnalogAPS Sense Connection
28APSISupplyAdaptive Power Supply
29APSISupplyAdaptive Power Supply
303.3 VISupplyPower
313.3 VISupplyPower
33GNDISupplyElectrical Ground
34GNDISupplyElectrical Ground
35GNDISupplyElectrical Ground
36GNDISupplyElectrical Ground
37GNDISupplyElectrical Ground
40GNDISupplyElectrical Ground
41RX LANE 0+OACModule XAUI Output Lane 0+
42RX LANE 0-OACModule XAUI Output Lane 0-
43GNDISupplyElectrical Ground
44RX LANE 1+OACModule XAUI Output Lane 1+
45RX LANE 1-OACModule XAUI Output Lane 1-
46GNDISupplyElectrical Ground
47RX LANE 2+OACModule XAUI Output Lane 2+
48RX LANE 2-OACModule XAUI Output Lane 2-
49GNDISupplyElectrical Ground
50RX LANE 3+OACModule XAUI Output Lane 3+
51RX LANE 3-OACModule XAUI Output Lane 3-
52GNDISupplyElectrical Ground
53GNDISupplyElectrical Ground
54GNDISupplyElectrical Ground
55TX LANE 0+IACModule XAUI Input Lane 0+
56TX LANE 0-IACModule XAUI Input Lane 0+
57GNDISupplyElectrical Ground
58TX LANE 1+IACModule XAUI Input Lane 1+
59TX LANE 1-IACModule XAUI Input Lane 1-
60GNDISupplyElectrical Ground
61TX LANE 2+IACModule XAUI Input Lane 2+
62TX LANE 2-IACModule XAUI Input Lane 2-
63GNDISupplyElectrical Ground
64TX LANE 3+IACModule XAUI Input Lane 3+
65TX LANE 3-IACModule XAUI Input Lane 3-
66GNDISupplyElectrical Ground
69GNDISupplyElectrical Ground
70GNDISupplyElectrical Ground

Note: Case is connected to electrical ground in the module.

Register Definition:

Device Address (Dec) Register Address (Hex)PMA/PMD 1PCS 3PHY XS 4
0x0000PMA/PMD Control1PCS Control1PHY XS Control1
0x0001PMA/PMD Status1PCS Status1PHY XS Status1
0x0002PMA/PMD Device Identifier0PCS Device Identifier0PHY XS Device Identifier0
0x0003PMA/PMD Device Identifier1PCS Device Identifier1PHY XS Device Identifier1
0x0004PMA/PMD Speed AbilityPCS Speed AbilityPHY XS Speed Ability
0x0005PMA/PMD Device in Package1PCS Device in Package1PHY XS Device in Package1
0x0006PMA/PMD Device in Package2PCS Device in Package2PHY XS Device in Package2
0x000710G PMA/PMD Control2PCS Control2Reserved
0x000810G PMA/PMD Status2PCS Status2PHY XS Status2
0x000910G PMD Transmit DisableReservedReserved
0x000A10G PMD Receive Signal O.K.ReservedReserved
0x000EPackage Identifier0ReservedReserved
0x000FPackage Identifier1ReservedReserved
0x0018ReservedReserved10G PHY XGXS Lane Status
0x0019ReservedReserved10G PHY XGXS Test Control
0x0020Reserved10GBASE-R PCS Status1Reserved
0x0021Reserved10GBASE-R PCS Status2Reserved
0x0022Reserved10GBASE-R PCS Test pattern Seed A0Reserved
0x0023Reserved10GBASE-R PCS Test pattern Seed A1Reserved
0x0024Reserved10GBASE-R PCS Test pattern Seed A2Reserved
0x0025Reserved10GBASE-R PCS Test pattern Seed A3Reserved
0x0026Reserved10GBASE-R PCS Test pattern Seed B0Reserved
0x0027Reserved10GBASE-R PCS Test pattern Seed B1Reserved
0x0028Reserved10GBASE-R PCS Test pattern Seed B2Reserved
0x0029Reserved10GBASE-R PCS Test pattern Seed B3Reserved
0x002AReserved10GBASE-R PCS Test pattern ControlReserved
0x002BReserved10GBASE-R PCS Test pattern Error counterReserved
0x8000NVR Control/Status (XENPAK Register)Reserved
0x8007 – 0x807DNVR (XENPAK Register)Reserved
0x807E- 0x80ADCustomer AREAReserved
0x80AE – 0x8106GAOTek Specific Area(XENPAK Register)Reserved
0x9000RX_ALARM Control (XENPAK Register)Reserved
0x9001TX_ALARM Control (XENPAK Register)Reserved
0x9002LASI Control (XENPAK Register)Reserved
0x9003RX_ALARM Status (XENPAK Register)Reserved
0x9004TX_ALARM Status (XENPAK Register)Reserved
0x9005LASI Status (XENPAK Register)Reserved
0x9006TX_FLAG Control BitsReserved
0x9007RX_FLAG Control BitsReserved
0xA000 – 0xA027Alarm and Warning ThresholdsReserved
0xA060 – 0xA069Digital Optical Monitoring InterfaceReserved
0xA06FDOM Capability – ExtendedReserved
0xA070TX_ALARM_FLAG BitsReserved
0xA071RX_ALARM_FLAG BitsReserved
0xA074TX_WARNING_FLAG BitsReserved
0xA075RX_WARNING_FLAG BitsReserved
0xA100Optional Digital Optical Monitoring (DOM) Control/StatusReserved

Mechanical Dimensions:

Regulatory Compliance:

Laser Eye SafetyFDA 21CFR 1040.10, 1040.11 IEC/EN 60825-1,2Class 1 laser product
Component RecognitionIEC/EN 60950, ULCompatible with standards
ROHS2002/95/ECCompatible with standards
Electrostatic discharge(ESD)IEC/EN 61000-4-2Compatible with standards
EMCEN61000-3Compatible with standards
Electromagnetic Interference(EMI)FCC Part 15 Class B EN 55022 Class B (CISPR 22A)Compatible with standards


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