Gas Analyzer for Oxygen (Data Logger and Online)

GAO Tek Thermocouple Calibrator calibrates thermocouple measuring with optional temperature unit select.



Key Features

  • Sensor and transmitter is integrated and small size with light aluminum alloy box
  • Large LCD display, easy to operate.
  • Data logger for storing oxygen values regularly for checking on time
  • The low and up limit values can be set by users
  • Range changes automatically
  • Light weight RS232 interface

Technical Specifications

Oxygen measurement range: 0-10ppm, 0-100ppm, 0-1000ppm
Resolution:   0.01ppm, 0.1ppm,1ppm
Accuracy: ±3%FS when range is less than 1000ppm
Repeatability:   <1.5%FS
Stability:   less than accuracy
Response:   T90 less than 30sec.
Standard output:   4-20mA(with max.Load 750Ω) Standard RS232 interface
Alarm circuit:   AC220V 1A.
Power supply:   220VAC±10%
Power requirement:   ≤10W
External dimensions (table):   8.07x 4.72x 12.79 inch (w * h * h)
Gross weight:    4.50kg