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Gas Analyzer with H2 Purity Detection (High Accuracy)
Gas Analyzer with H2 Purity Detection (High Accuracy)

GAOTek Gas Analyzer with H2 Purity Detection (High Accuracy)

ID: GT00Z200TG



GAOTek Gas Analyzer with H2 Purity Detection (High Accuracy) is a special portable hydrogen gas purity analyzer designed to analyze the hydrogen gas purity from the hydrogen cooled generator. The analyzer adopts the original sensor. It supports the temperature-compensation thermal conductivity method to detect the gas flow. The analyzer detects the hydrogen directly when the airway tube is connected on -site, without sampling in advance. Compared to the original “absorption method”, this gas analyzer with rechargeable battery inside, is smart light, stable, swift response and easy to operate and it has good accuracy (accuracy is better than 1%) and linear.

Key Features

  • Firm, long working life
  • Swift response, good linear and stable read value
  • Built in flow meter and flow control valve
  • Easy operation and calibration
  • LCD display and picture menu.

Technical Specifications

Range 0 – 100% for hydrogen(H2) in CO2
0 – 100% for CO2 in the air
0 – 100% for hydrogen(H2) in the air
0 – 100% for air in CO2
Accuracy + 0.1% F.S
Repeatability + 0.1% F.S
Linearity + 0.4% F.S
Capacity 50 records
Output interface USB 1.1
Temperature -22 °F – 122 °F (-30 °C ~ 50 °C) Respond time: 5 ~ 15 seconds
Response 5 -15 s
Constant pressure valve 0 – 1 Mpa working
Working pressure 0 – 1 Mpa
Electronic flow meter mass flow meter 0 – 1000 ml/min
Air intake flow 20  – 200 ml/min
Detecting method With temperature-compensation thermal conductivity   method (Even if there is no gas flow or if the gas is changed, the analyzer will be influenced)
Power supply AC 220 V 50 Hz and built in rechargeable battery
Weight 8 lbs (3.6 kg)
Size 13 in x 9 in x 5 in (340 mm x 240 mm x 130 mm)

Additional Information:

 How it Works:

 Standard Accessories:

  • GAOTek Gas Analyzer with H2 Purity Detection (High Accuracy)
  • Sampling tube
  • Exhaust tube
  • Cables
  • Power Transformer
  • User Manual


When you open the power supply, the instrument will automatically enter the main menu interface, which is composed of four sub-menu options and screen display with the time and power. The four sub-menu options are MEASURE, HISTORE, SET DATE, HELP.

  1.  In the main menu interface, by pressing [<] or [>] button the cursor will be displayed on the [MEASURE] button and later on [OK] button, so that  the device will enter a state of measurement. In the state of the interface measurement, the measuring instruments shows that the value of the purity of SF6 (percentage), the gas flow and the current system time. In this interface, you can press [F2] key to save data.
  2.  In the measurement interface, according to [F2] key into the interface allows the preservation of data. Now by pressing [<] or [>] button  allows the cursor on the number  mobile data of the device to determine the focus, and pressing [F1]or [F2] key can change  the current value, also by pressing  [▲] or [▼] key input method can be switched. There are a total of three input methods: (0-9) which is the numerical input ;( A-Z) is the input of capital letters ;( a-z) is the input of lower-case letters. You can press [OK] button to save the data and return to the state of measurements, also you can press [ESC] key to quit from the interface of the preservation of data and back to the state of measurement in order to cancel this operation.


In the main menu interface, by pressing [<] or [>] buttons the cursor will be displayed on the [MEASURE] button and later on by pressing [OK] button, the device will display the interface of HISTORE. In this interface, the device displays the data of the previous measurement which is preserved. The records can be viewed by pressing any of [▲], [▼], [<], [>] buttons, and deleted by [F1] button.To return to the main menu interface press the [ESC] key.


In the main menu interface, pressing to [<] or [>] button the cursor will be displayed on the [help] .Later on press [OK] button, which will show the interface of the help.

In this interface the date and factory equipment number are set.


  1. Warm-up boot for about 10 minutes (this process will enable the conductivity pool at a constant temperature thermal state)
  2. Close the flow control valve, into the trachea to connect a device, then the other end into the trachea to connect measurement equipment
  3. By pressing [OK] key enter into the state of measurement, to regulate the flow control valve, traffic regulation to 100 ~ 300ml/min
  4.  Record data after the data is stable (this process will take about 1 to 3 minutes). Press [F2] key for the preservation of data, and press [ESC] key to return to the main menu.
  5. Do not shut down for testing, after gas detection, close the gas source first,   close flow control value when the flow is zero, and then pull out the intake pipe and the vent pipe.
  6. Shut down the power after use to protect equipment batteries.


  • It is widely used to detect the hydrogen gas purity, especially in the generating plant for hydrogen cooled generator and hydrogen generator station.
  • It is also used to monitor the hydrogen displacing process when the hydrogen cooled generator is switched on and off.

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