Gas Detector for Chlorine (Wide Measuring Range, Accurate)



Key Features

  • Small Size, light weight, easy to carry
  • High accuracy, short response time, wide measurement range
  • Large-screen color LCD graphic display, more comfortable
  • USB chargeable lithium battery, long life, fast and easy charging
  • Built-in large capacity memory, can store large amounts of measurement data
  • Powerful sound and light alarm, vibration alarm variety of alarm mode
  • Water and dust proof, explosion proof, enclosure drop resistance protection, high degree of protection
  • Support USB and the upper machine communications, the upper machine calibration
  • Warning light flashing, convenient to work in the dark
  • PPM and mg/m3, convenient user to reading

Technical Specifications

Product type Diffused toxic detector with data storage
Dimension 4.33*2.67*1.49 (Inch)
Weight 200g
Measurement type More than 20 kinds of toxic gases
Battery Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
Operating time Full power longer than 8 hours
Charging time Less than 4 hours
Display TFT color screen
Alarm method Sound alarm, the LED light alarm, vibration alarm
Keyboard 4 keys
Sampling way diffusion
Data record 30 second interval can be stored more than four months of record
Calibrate 2 point calibration
Operating temperature -4 – 131 OF
Operating humidity 0-95% relative humidity
Warranty 1 year