Gas Detector for Volatile Organic Compound (2 Alarms)


Key Features

  • Adopt advanced 16 bits controller of ultra-low power
  • Resolution is 128*64 LCD
  • High precision electro-chemical sensor
  • Can be set high/low alarm point, two level sound and light alarm
  • Provide calibration methods of software and hardware calibration, concentration can be adjustable
  • Provide real time clock display
  • Rechargeable

Technical Specifications

Application of gas O3 (0-5 PPM)
Sensor type Electro-chemical
Sampling way Diffused
Precision 0.01 PPM
Response time T90<60s
Indicate way LCD display real-time concentration LED, buzzer alarm
Operate environment 14 – 122 OF 15%-95%RH
Charging time 6-8 hours
Continuous work hours 30 hours above
Sensor life 2 years

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